What Skill Sets Should a Google AdWords Specialist Have

Every business that wants to stay relevant in the competitive market needs to utilize digital marketing to reach the top. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is at the heart of every company’s success. It’s what makes small businesses into ambitious enterprises that can challenge the leading brands of their industry.

You need to employ different individuals on your marketing team with unique skillsets to execute effective digital marketing strategies. An AdWords manager observes the evolving trends of keyword bids and accounts of your pages’ performance in different search engine platforms. Hiring someone who’s a step above the average AdWords manager will give you a strategic advantage in your marketing campaigns.

What is a Google AdWords Specialist?

AdWords specialists build an effective campaign through a respective search engine platform, like Bing or Google. They give you various solutions on how to run your ads with the best conversion rates and page hits possible. They’re an excellent addition to your marketing team since they can interpret tracking methods to recommend the necessary changes and revisions to your ongoing campaigns.

If you’re looking for a capable addition to your marketing team, here are three qualities your Google AdWords specialist should have:

  • Versatility in using different tracking methods

Most AdWords managers only use one method of tracking to evaluate their business’s marketing campaigns. This puts them at a disadvantage since they do not see other competitors and advertisers’ different perspectives. An AdWords specialist goes beyond the basic conversion tracking tool of Google AdWords and uses other mediums to assess your campaigns’ performance. For example, call tracking is still a prominent conversion metric that most trade and B2B businesses use. These figures account for more than half of a company’s impact on reaching the right target market.

  • Clarity in disseminating information

AdWords specialists must know how to utilize the different data they have to curate an effective digital marketing strategy. It should include weekly and monthly reports that optimize the usage of thorough keyword research that’s relevant for your campaign goals.

They will then disseminate this information to your marketing team to track the performance and use the appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Evaluating this information in a compact and concise presentation will help your staff make changes and adjustments to reach a higher ROI for your ongoing and future marketing efforts.

  • Urgency in observing the latest developments in the advertising scene

The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, which makes it a volatile place to invest in. With the changes and updates of Google’s algorithms and search engine ranking system, marketing teams need to stay ahead of these changes. Doing so will help them make the necessary adjustments to ongoing and future campaigns.

The AdWords specialist you’ll hire must be aware of the latest changes in the market, together with the variability in using different AdWords channels. They must be familiar with the varying impacts of varying ad strategies, from mobile ads to AdWords scripts. Their capacity to keep up with these technological advancements in the scene will make them an excellent addition to your marketing team.


A digital marketing campaign is a combined effort of multiple individuals with their respective fields of expertise. A combination of marketing experts and creative professionals will pave the way for successful marketing efforts.

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