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 accessServices by accessiBe offers expert-led accessibility audits and remediation to ensure your website meets compliance standards.

Our Expert Services Department is ideal for modern businesses seeking to embrace digital inclusion and enhance accessibility.

Media Accessibility

Comprehensive media accessibility services for all video and audio assets.

File Accessibility

Comprehensive document accessibility services for PDFs, PowerPoints, Excels, and more.


Assess your project’s accessibility in accordance with Section 508 standards.

User Testing

Conduct usability testing with users with disabilities to ensure an optimal user experience.

Expert Audit

Perform a manual audit of your site’s source code to identify accessibility gaps.


Assess your project’s accessibility in accordance with Section 508 standards.
accessiBe accessServices

The goal is to create an inclusive culture alongside the community.

Through a collaboration between the disability community and accessiBe, the public and business communities are being educated about the importance of inclusive culture and diversity.

Through this partnership, we are able to provide a platform for prominent organizations and individuals with disabilities to share their experiences and raise awareness.


Find out now if your website is WCAG  & ADA  compliant

accessiBe accessServices

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