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HostedScan Pricing

 Compare the pricing options for HostedScan and select the most suitable plan to safeguard your website.

Choose the pricing plan that fits your needs and budget, with the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade anytime.


No credit card required



  • All Scan Types, (no re-scans)

  • Up to 3 Targets

  • Accept & Remediate Risks
  • Import risks from Dependabot, OpenAPI, AWS and more
  • Summary Reports


Billed at $468.00 per year



  • Unlimited Re-Scans 

  • Includes 5 Targets

  • Automate Scanning on a Schedule
  • Email Alerts for New Vulnerabilities
  • Retain Historical Scan Data

  • Customize Email Recipients


Billed at $1,308.00 per year



  • API Access
  • Get Results via Webhooks
  • Export to CSV
  • Authenticated Scans
  • Custom Request Headers
  • Internal Network Scanning
  • Slack integration

MSP Plan

Billed at $2,268.00 per year



  • White label reporting 

  • Multi-tenant workspaces

  • All premium features

  • Start with 20 targets


Reports that are comprehensive are always good

You can create branded reports for your clients, executives, or auditors.

HostedScan Pricing

Communicate vulnerability risks

You can easily share an executive PDF with your team members so they can see all the vulnerabilities that have been detected.

  • Export for your business intelligence
    We built in reports and export capabilities that allow you to customize your BI tools.

  • White label reporting
    You can create custom white label reports that will allow your clients to customize their logo.

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HostedScan Pricing

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