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Iconosquare Analytics

Uncover valuable insights and track your social media performance with Iconosquare’s advanced analytics tools.

Iconosquare Analytics

Engagement-related insights

Recognize how engagement is impacted by your content and make the necessary adjustments to boost your brand’s visibility.

Social media monitoring

Imagine the development of your community, including its members’ locations, linguistic backgrounds, ages, and genders.

Quick exports

With just one click, you can export any data for any desired time period into a graphic graph to help you visually represent your presentations.

Personalized dashboard

You may select the metrics you want to measure and display on a single page by selecting from Reach to Stories insights. You can even export it!

More than 100 metrics!

We’ll stop here as we could continue on all day, but you get the idea: we have a ton of amazing analytics for you.

Digital marketing you can truly DIY

Forget plugins. Skip template trauma and web designer drama. We make it ridiculously easy and we’re with you every step of the way.

Iconosquare Analytics

Keep growing. We’ll lead the way.

Our world-class support, resources and tools are designed to help you learn, grow and market your business.

  • World-class tech support
  • Marketing resources
  • Tutorials & courses
  • Blog

Get the insights you need to guess less & grow more

Optimize your marketing campaigns

With the help of an easy-to-read analytics dashboard, a/b split tests, and real-time conversion tips you won’t find anywhere else.

Iconosquare Analytics

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