Important PPC Stats to Take Note of for 2021

In the previous blog, we looked into what pay-per-click (PPC) means and how it has thrived over the pandemic. The key benefits of having a strong PPC strategy through a pay-per-click advertising agency were also raised. Some PPC statistics were shared, but in order to get the full picture, more need to be seen. Moreover, we will look at some search advertising statistics which relate to PPC as well.

More PPC Statistics

  • According to Clutch, 33 percent of surveyed users click on paid search ads since their search queries are answered directly

When results speak to a user in a way that can solve their pain points, they gain that user’s trust. 75 out of 506 respondents stated they clicked on ads, which made finding their needed information easier. It means that ads should be created with addressing user queries in mind. At the very least, the ads should be relevant enough to users to get their attention, leading to a click-through.

  • According to Sparktoro, the average clickthrough rate of PPC ads is 11.38 percent

The actual CTR of ads in several search result spots can vary. However, an ad that’s optimized well by a PPC-familiarized digital marketing agency will see an 11 percent average CTR. Take note that it is not the maximum CTR possible. Instead, view the figure as a benchmark as to whether a campaign is actually working well.

Search Advertising Statistics

Before going into the list, it is key to define search advertising. In a nutshell, it’s a powerful marketing tool that counts the user’s search intent as a factor when determining your ads’ relevance.

  • According to Clutch, text ads are the most popular PPC ads, preferred by 49 percent of users over shopping ads (31 percent) or video ads (16 percent)

Depending on what the user is searching for, their preferences will vary. There are many stages to a buying journey that a person could be on at any given time. This also determines the type of ad they will end up clicking. Text ads often speak to buyers when they’re looking for information, typically known as the research stage. This could influence and/or inform their decisions when buying. It is vital to understand the user’s intent to make the right type of ad to earn clicks.

  • According to Search Engine Journal, an ad blocker is used by over 27 percent of users

The 2020 revenue loss of ad publishers due to ad blocker increase reportedly came to $35 billion. Most ad blocker users are on desktops and laptops (38 percent), followed by smartphones (25 percent) and tablets (15 percent). Circumventing this can be done through ways such as restricting ads to mobile users only.


PPC has not lost its importance in 2021, despite over a year of lockdowns. Statistics have shown that more users are more aware of paid ads and tend to use ad blockers. However, they also click on paid search ads as long as it helps them get the answers they need. A strong PPC strategy can make a huge difference in helping a business level up considerably despite the economy.

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