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Morningscore Tools

Take control of your SEO strategy with Morningscore Tools. Gain insights, track your performance, and optimize your online presence.

Morningscore Tools

Easy SEO overview

Our user-friendly dashboard ensures your success with search engine optimization, regardless of your level of expertise.

Guided missions

Morningscore facilitates your growth with intelligent suggestions known as “missions”. By completing missions, you earn XP and advance to higher levels.

Fix website health

Perform a comprehensive scan of your website to monitor its health status at any given time. Identify areas that require attention and receive guidance on how to address them effectively.

See all your links

Monitor both new additions and lost links to cultivate a robust backlink profile, propelling you towards higher search result rankings.

Track keywords

Track your keyword rankings daily and use the instant scan feature for immediate updates. Organize your keywords into folders for a clear and efficient overview.

Keyword research

Morningscore provides robust keyword research tools with an extensive global keyword database and an intuitive interface.

Scan competitors

Scan and analyze competitor websites for keywords and backlinks, using the insights to stay ahead of the competition.

Track SEO growth

Track your SEO progress and growth, see the value of your Google traffic, and manage everything from one centralized platform.

Not just an SEO tool

Become a growth hero with Morningscore

Morningscore Tools

Your growth rocket

The cockpit is an online marketing tool that helps businesses grow their websites traffic and attract more customers. You can start with a variety of missions and progress through them to earn XP and improve your Google ranking. In reality, you can expect more customers and traffic.

  • All important SEO tools in one place
  • Simple interface powered by accurate data
  • Guided missions help you grow
  • Gamification motivates you to get SEO done

Your golden reward

SEO takes a lot of time to work, but it is also the best value for money.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to SEO. You will need to put in the work, or hire somebody to do it. But, it is regarded as one of the best investments in digital marketing, and a hundred percent ROI is typical. Join the thousands of captains who are already achieving 1000% ROI through Morningscore today.


  • We constantly hear of customers growing their revenue with SEO
  • 62% of global website traffic comes from SEO
  • SEO results usually show in 2-6 months. ROI after 12 months on average
  • SEO is a snowball. Results get bigger and bigger over time
Morningscore Tools

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