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REISift Reviews

REISift has garnered positive reviews for its user-friendly interface and effective real estate investment tools.


  • “Reisift is a game-changer! This is the single most valuable tool in my business. The whole team is great and the customer service is the best I’ve ever seen. Kylie is amazing!”

    Dawson Ash

  • “Awesome product. Tons of capabilities but also intuitive. Data is key and REISift is a great way to manage your data so you don’t miss out on opportunities.”
  • “Reisift is a must-have tool. Their platform simplifies property analysis, boosts lead generation, and offers great customer support. It’s a game-changer for real estate investors. Highly recommend!”
    Eduardo Gomes
  • “As a real estate investor, I’m always looking for resources that can help me make smarter investment decisions. has become an invaluable tool in my business. It gives me quick and easy access to my database of property records that I am always updating daily. I can pull up detailed records and never miss an opportunity.”
    Cameron Johnson
  • “The best CRM I’ve used. The features and filter settings are incredible. The other thing that sets REI Sift apart is the customer service and support. The support team is quick to respond and really knows their stuff. I’ve had every question or issue resolved quickly. The software continues to get better and better with every update.”
    Brian T.
  • “I have been doing real estate wholesaling for 3 years now and have been using REISift for 1 year so far. This tool has transformed my business and marketing 10-fold. The product continues to improve with better features, processes and integrations. Thanks Attlee and REISift team.”

A Powerful CRM to Manage Your Company

With over 10 million users and a powerful CRM, REISift is a great tool for businesses.

REISift Reviews

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REISift Reviews

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