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Tiiny Host for Students

Discover Tiiny Host for Students: the perfect hosting solution for your website. Experience fast and reliable performance with Tiiny Host.

Tiiny Host for Students

Tiiny Host for Students

Web App

Simply drag and drop your web project’s static files to host your app in seconds—no hosting knowledge required.
Tiiny Host for Students


Generate a shareable link for your resume to send to recruiters, and easily update it in the background.
Tiiny Host for Students


Share your Codepen sample with a simple, shareable link.
Tiiny Host for Students

How it works

  • Upload
    Drag & drop an HTML, ZIP or PDF into the upload box
  • Customize
    Type in a link-name or leave it blank
  • Publish
    Hit the Upload button to get a shareable link

Publish to the web in seconds

Tiiny Host for Students

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