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How Submit Juice Works

Discover the inner workings of Submit Juice and how it can help boost your website’s visibility and rankings.

How Submit Juice Works

1. Submit your startup

Submitting your startup is easy. Purchase a package and complete our Airtable form—it only takes a few minutes.

2. Match with the best startup websites and directories

We’ll create a custom list of the most relevant websites for your submission, including media outlets, subreddits, startup directories, and more.

3. Launch your campaign

Once you confirm your pitch, we’ll start manually posting and submitting your startup. This process takes 5-7 days to complete.

4. Track submissions

Once complete, we’ll send you a report, including a link to your personal Airtable (and a screen recording if applicable), where you can track submissions and start adding your own.

Boost your site’s Domain Authority for SEO

How Submit Juice Works
  • Dofollow links
    We’ll help you establish a dofollow policy on most of the websites that we’ll submit for you. This will help boost your site’s search engine ranking and visibility.

  • Backlinks
    A good link profile is one of the most important factors that search engines consider when it comes to ranking a website. We can help boost it with both nofollow and dofollow links.

  • Nofollow links
    Even though we do not submit your site to numerous directories, these links can still be advantageous as they can help boost your website’s traffic.

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How Submit Juice Works

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