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Case Study 
Headset Adapters Store

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Project Background
Headset adapter store requested to help with getting Google Merchant feed approved, all products was disapproved by some of the policies violation. Their store had worked with other pay per click advertising agencies – result wasn’t good. Headset Buddy hired our team to help creating an effective PPC strategy in Google Adwords and setting up SEO. Company looking to increase online sales for their products, our team made sure that they were on the right track for success


Industry: Electronics
Date: Jun 1, 2017 – Today
Service Provided: Google Adwords

The Headset Buddy is a line of PC & Phone headset adapters, headsets, and headset accessories. Their product allows you to use your existing PC, telephone, smartphone, or stereo headset with different devices. With a Headset Buddy, there’s no need to purchase a new headset and/or telephone.

How We Helped

With the state of the existing data in google adwords account, the strategy chosen by our team was to overhaul the account entirely, explore previously data. Use the 4 years report to see how company ads performed when triggered by actual keywords within the search network. Identify new goals with high potential, and add them to adwords campaign. This helped avoid spending money showing ads to people who aren’t interested in the products.

This strategy was a huge success for HeadsetBuddy, as they saw major increases in campaign performance metrics including Clicks, Conversions, and ROI. DiscoverMyBusiness led to a massive increase in the amount of sales.


Search Only Campaign


Shopping Campaign


Display Campaign


Retargeting Campaign

The Results

Since beginning work with HeadsetBuddy Adapter Store, our paid search strategy has seen fantastic progress in desired metrics:

Aside from a number of other improvements, we also expanded to other online advertising campaigns and target countries that helped convert website sales and improve brand awareness & engagement in this market. A driving metric behind the incredible returns and efficiency improvements was ROI, which translated in significantly higher keyword quality scores and ad relevance.
  • Increase in Conversions – 243%
  • Increase in Clicks – 85%
  • Increase in Conversion Value – 320%

Client's location

Austin, Texas 78704

Time limit

10+ Month


Online Sales

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