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Case Study 
Addiction Rehabilitation Center

Google AdWords Report for Addiction Rehabilitation Center
Project Background
They run a successful offline marketing campaign, but with traditional advertising methods, it’s extremely difficult – if not impossible – to determine ROI. They wanted to access the online market with a new Google AdWords strategy with highly targeted ads. Our team approached Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center to help them build their brand and online presence through pay-per-click advertising


Industry: Addiction Treatment
Date: May 1, 2016 – Jan 31, 2017
Service Provided: Google Adwords

The addiction rehabilitation center, a leading drug and alcohol treatment center located in Boynton Beach, Florida. This facility is an internationally acclaimed treatment center for alcohol and drug addiction. Company programs combines the most effective therapies available.

How We Helped

The strategy chosen by our Google Adwords team experts was to overhaul the account entirely, creating much more focused Campaigns, splitting campaign with different service groups – Ad Groups, and Specific Keywords. Firstly, we immediately implemented call and contact form tracking to track the success of campaigns and search terms and use that search data to optimize campaign performance for future results. Our team also restructure the account in a way that segmented locations allowing us to better analyze campaign performance state by state.

Developing our own industry research process and in-house technologies, DiscoverMyBusiness identified gaps in competitor strategies, diversified targeted keywords and increased ad relevance to push contact form submission and phone calls through the roof.


Search Only Campaign


Call Only Campaign


Display Campaign


Remarketing Campaign

The Results

Since beginning work with Addiction Rehabilitation Center, our paid search strategy has seen fantastic progress in desired metrics:

A driving metric behind the incredible returns and efficiency improvements was ad conversion rate for search campaigns, which translated in significantly higher keyword quality scores and ad relevance. With highs averaging between 5-8% CTR’s for search only campaign, and with some popular ad groups in Call Only Campaign were seeing upwards of 30%+ CTR’s
  • Increase in Conversions – 3,310%
  • Increase in Phone Calls – 386%
  • Increase in Conversion Rate – 6,115%

Client's location

Boynton Beach, Florida

Time limit

9 Month


New Leads and Clients

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