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Case Study 
ATM Payment Company

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Project Background
Company has been successfully selling: Premium ATMs, Eftpos cash out, Cash Recyclers, Cash Redemption Terminals, Loyalty Kiosks, and Technology which Facilitates Payments; with its HQ office in Australia. The Company’s mission is to provide each customer with the best payment solution, and the best customer service before and after the sale. Their PPC campaign started in 2015, unfortunately they were only receiving few conversion per year, our team approached company to help them build successful adwords campaign.


Industry: Payment Solution
Date: April 1, 2017 – Today
Service Provided: Google Adwords

Australia’s fastest growing payments company. Company thrives on innovation and are at the forefront of the payments market. The company continues to investigate further technologies that will revolutionise the payments landscape. Having fortified a strong relationship with asian based organizations, allows payment company to be a market leader in both hardware and software innovation.

How We Helped

Our team have expanded its keyword research, by digging up potential keywords that were not being explored on the previous setup especially the less expensive or cheaper search terms. After filtered its negative data, we applied only manual keyword bidding strategy to maintain the best position. Having properly segmented the keywords by grouping the most identical and relevant keywords so that we can easily track the Ad Group that is not performing well and paused it as well. Our team also restructure the account in a way that segmented services allowing us to better analyze campaign performance product by product

Developing our own industry research process and in-house technologies, DiscoverMyBusiness identified gaps in competitor strategies. There were a few other changes we made to routing and proprietary tricks we know, but the main essence is described above.


Search Only Campaign


Call Strategy


Display Campaign


Retargeting Campaign

The Results

Since beginning work with payment solution company, our paid search strategy has seen fantastic progress in desired metrics:

The great thing about advertising in Google is this strategy obtains fast results. The result shows that it decreased in cost per click as before within a 2-month period. Changes made in the used ads and expanding the keywords in the campaign ended up in 92% increase in click-thru rates and 305% increase in conversion rate which increased the company’s profitability for its most important products. ATM payment solution had its most successful year in the history of the company 30 days after switching to PPC Management with DiscoverMyBusiness.
  • Increase in Conversions – 470%
  • Increase in Phone Calls – 249%
  • Increase in Conversion Rate – 305%

Client's location

Cheltenham, VIC-3192

Time limit

12+ Month


New Leads and Clients

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