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Case Study 
Pools Supplier

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Project Background
Owners want to rebuild an online marketing strategy for their current google adwords account in South Australia, it was extremely difficult to them to switch to another Pay-Per-Click company. Supplier wanted to access the online market with a new Google AdWords strategy with new services. Our team approached pool company to help them to build local ads with common keywords: swimming pools Adelaide, fiberglass pools, in-ground pools


Industry: Pools & Spa
Date: June 1, 2017 – Today
Service Provided: Google Adwords

Family owned business in South Australia. Within years, they began to build in fibreglass which, at that time, was a new and revolutionary technology. Family began building a range of radically designed fibreglass pools which evolved into new and exciting styles that gained wide popularity and set the company on a sound foundation.

How We Helped

With the aim of generating high quality leads, we set specific AdWords campaigns strategy. Our initial research revealed that competitors spent budget for irrelevant service, and non-performing keywords. We performed in-depth ad group analysis to identify the right strategy for each keyword in order to make the most of their budget. Our team agreed on feedback participation with owner to monitor the quality of incoming leads.

DiscoverMyBusiness identified gaps in competitor strategies, diversified targeted search terms and increased service groups relevance to push higher results on lead generation.


Search Only Campaign


Call Only Campaign


Display Campaign


Retargeting Campaign

The Results

Since beginning work with Pools Supplier, our paid search strategy has seen fantastic progress in desired metrics:

A driving metric behind the incredible returns, which translated in significantly higher keyword CTR scores and conversion results. We launched a pay per click strategy on Google Adwords and after around 1 month, we generate 7 calls and 5 contact forms, company got contract for 1 paid client with payment over AU$30,000+.
  • Increase in Conversions – 63%
  • Increase in Phone Calls – 434%
  • Increase in Clicks – 55%

Client's location

Gilles Plains, SA 5086

Time limit

12+ Month


Lead Generation

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