Google Ads Suspended for Chargebacks Policy

Google Ad is known for protecting the interests of its users and customers in the digital advertising ecosystem. It constantly updates its advertising policies to protect your business, and provides customers with a secured environment for shopping. This is why 80% of the companies concentrate on Google Ads for their brands’ promotion!!

If you are a merchant on Google Ad, you need to be abreast with its advertisement policies. Otherwise, your account may get banned for violating any term of these policies. One such violation happens when you request a chargeback against a legitimate Google Ads balance.  

It is important to know what is a chargeback, and how you can resolve your chargeback suspension if you make an illegitimate chargeback!

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is a process that allows you to get your payment back if a cardholder successfully disputes a charge on his card (debit or credit). You can consider it as the return of your money from the bank account of your merchant to your account statement.

Chargeback is meant to be used as a shield by a customer to protect himself from dishonest merchants or criminal fraud. You do not consider it the same as a refund because a customer is obligated to return the purchased product if he applies for a refund, however, this is not the case for a chargeback!

You must be wondering if a chargeback is used as a tool for consumer protection, then why Google ad is suspending a user’s account.

What is the Chargebacks Policy in Google Ad?

Google Ad generates its revenue by charging you for advertisement on its platform. Make sure you are careful while doing billing and payment on Google Ad as you can face suspension if you misuse it wrongfully.

When you direct your bank/credit card company for reversing the payment that has been made for a legitimate Google Ads balance, Google may suspend your account. 

Therefore, do not request for getting your money back if you have properly utilized the services on Google Ad!!

How can you resolve this suspension?

If your Google Ad account has been suspended, you can either make a payment or appeal against the suspension. For appealing, you need to fill out the form provided on the Google Ads Help page. Google will assign a specialist for your case, and you would get a response regarding your appeal within 5 business days.

Make sure you enter accurate information in the form for the speedy redressal of your appeal. You may not get a favorable decision if you submit inaccurate information intentionally to Google. So be honest, accurate, and detailed in your information which would ensure the reactivation of your account in less time!!

Never try to make new accounts until the response against your appeal has come as these new accounts will also be suspended. 

If you believe that there has been any mistake in the response of your appeal, you may contact Google by providing additional information through an email which may help in their investigation.

Note: We have provided you with the solutions for your account suspension due to the chargeback issues. Do follow them to resolve your issues!

In case you want further help our Google Partner Team can help you restore your Google Ads account and If you have any further questions regarding suspension due to chargeback policy, you can contact our Google ads suspended team. 

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