Top 4 Google Ads Extensions Your Business Should be Using

Google Ads formerly Google AdWords is a beast to manage. Here is Tip of the Day – Best Google Ads Extensions for Your Business
There is a lot of fighting going on with Google Ads Extensions for specific businesses and some one stared probably asked this questions: “I have extensions set up for my ads, but they don’t always show in the right ad group?”; “I want to add or remove some of my ad extension, need help!” etc. Increasing your ad content with extra information giving people more reasons to click on your business and choose your services. Ads extension typically increase an ad’s CTR (click-through-rate) by few percent, you can watch this video below to learn how your Google Ads Extensions can create value:

There is 10 Google Ads Extensions and all of them have 3 levels how you can set them up:

– Account Level
– Campaign Level (Best Choose)
– Ad Group Level

However, mostly extensions are chosen automatically by Google go to account level. You can switch Google Ads Extensions to campaign level, and with some extra content ideas you can implement and optimize extensions for more clicks, conversions and results. We will showcase only BEST ads extensions!

1) Sitelink Extension
Google Ads

This Google Ads Extension working as extra content for your website pages, if you advertise your corporate website Sitelink Extensions are a great way to add more links to your ads by pointing to specific pages on your site. The big advantage of sitelink extensions are that they encourage more meaningful clicks and the searchers can jump directly to the page content on your site most relevant to them.

Our recommendation is to use only 2, 4, 6 site link extensions at the camping level. Don’t forget to fill out main sitelink text, 2 descriptions and urls. If this is “About Us” use description from your website. If this is “Contact Us” use from contact us page on your website, etc.

2) Callout Extension
Google Ads

This Google Ads Extension is the easiest one to set up, if you know your business bullet points, tips, and results – just type them here you have only 25 characters.

Our recommendation is to use 3-5 callout extensions at the camping level.

3) Structured Snippet Extension
Google Ads

You choose where to add them, decide what type of information potential customers will find most valuable, and schedule when you’d like them to appear.

Our recommendation is to create 2 structured snippet extensions at the campaign level
with 3-5 values each

4) Call Extension

As the name suggestions, call extension attaching your business phone number to your Google Ads search ads, which can increase CTR and phone calls from ads. Putting in the easiest way: when their device can make calls a clickable call button will appear.

Our recommendation is to use one phone number with preferences to mobile device. NOTE – don’t create call extension for call only campaigns!

If you need any help with Google Ads please let us know, we here to help you.

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