10 PPC Trends to Maximize Your Digital Growth in 2023

With the dawn of a new decade, organizations are gearing up for a digital future. And for organizations to leverage the potential of digital marketing channels, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) trends have become crucial. To maximize the potential of your digital growth in 2023, here are several PPC trends you need to know about.

1. Voice Search Advertising

Voice search advertising allows your ads to be triggered when a keyword or phrase is spoken into a device, such as a phone, via voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Bixby, or Google Assistant. To capitalize on this trend, optimize your website for voice search query phrases and create ads tailored for the devices mentioned above.

2. Automated Bidding

As organizations look for new and more efficient ways to optimize their campaigns, automation has become a key trend within the PPC space. Automated bidding utilizes machine learning to optimize bids and budgets while analyzing user data and trends. This can be especially beneficial for organizations that need to run multiple campaigns or adhere to strict budgets.

3. Enhanced Audience Targeting

Consumer behavior is constantly changing, and as a result, it is becoming increasingly important to leverage enhanced audience targeting to ensure that campaigns are only reaching the right audiences. With the proper targeting strategy, organizations can ensure that their campaigns connect with the right audiences and optimize their ROI.

4. Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are phrases that are more specific than just one or two words. They are becoming increasingly relevant within the PPC space and will likely play an even more prominent role in 2023. Using long-tail keywords can help you target people who are more likely to be interested in your product or service and get more relevant people to visit your website.

5. Video Ads

Nowadays, video content is quickly becoming one of the most commonly-used forms of digital content. As such, it makes sense for organizations to capitalize on this trend. Video ads are gaining traction and help drive both conversions and brand awareness. If you haven’t already, consider making video ads a part of your PPC strategy.

6. Lead Form Extensions

Lead form extensions allow businesses to get information from potential customers before they click on their ads. This data can be used to tailor the advertisement to the person and increase the chance of them taking action. By doing so, you can make lead form extensions an effective way to bring more qualified leads to the website or landing page.

7. Social Media Advertising

By taking advantage of the vast reach of social media, PPC campaigns can be tailored to target a specific audience and generate more leads, sales, and brand recognition. With the correct planning and implementation from a full-service marketing agency, social media advertising can be a valuable tool for achieving your business goals.

8. Structured Data Markups

Structured data markups can improve a web page’s visibility by adding code that provides additional context about the page’s content. This information can help search engines interpret the page accurately and may lead to higher search rankings and more website visitors.

9. Expanded Text Ads

Expanded text ads are an effective tool for advertisers to maximize the results of their PPC campaigns in the upcoming year. By utilizing these longer ads, you can provide more details about your product or service and target the right users. Additionally, these ads offer users a better experience, leading to higher conversion rates.

10. Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads have the potential to help you increase your digital output. With this type of advertising, you can reach out to people who have already interacted with your business, like visiting your website or using your services. This can be useful for keeping your company at the forefront of customers’ minds and turning potential customers into paying ones.


By leveraging these PPC trends, organizations can maximize the potential of their digital growth. While each of these trends is important in its own right, the key to success lies in knowing which trends are most effective and using them accordingly.

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