3 Statistics Proving Automation Enhances Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing is constantly changing with the times as businesses strive to stay relevant and competitive in a saturated marketplace, but now better things are in store for brands across different industries. 

On top of the boom of various digital channels in one’s arsenal, technological advancements like automation capabilities make it possible to streamline the entire marketing pipeline better than ever before! Automating your marketing strategy, in particular, is the latest craze that has been sweeping start-ups and Fortune companies alike everywhere, thanks to its promise of enhancing your strategy across multiple platforms. 

Automation is everywhere in marketing nowadays, but does it prove to be truly effective and efficient for your business? 

Exploring the Proven Benefits of Automation in Your Sales and Marketing Strategy

1. Lower Marketing Spend 

Marketing takes plenty of time, effort, and resources to deploy, no matter the form and platform you choose. Collecting information manually using cold calls, for instance, can hold your sales team’s attention for most of their morning based on the 22.9 percent of respondents from Keap’s 2020 Customer Survey. 

By automating your marketing approach, you can cut chunks of your time by instantly generating leads and blasting out personalized e-mails anytime and anywhere. By maximizing your team’s workload, you can save time by 25 percent and double your revenue. 

2. Grow Your ROI 

Seeing as automating your marketing process can make the most of your resources while increasing your productivity, it’s no surprise that it can boost your ad performance. The wider its reach and the better impression it creates, the higher your ROI can go compared to manual efforts. 

Businesses left, and right saw a whopping 800 percent uptick in their revenue thanks to automation software that offers predictive analytics, AI assistance, and personalized lead nurturing tactics for a more fine-tuned impact on your target audience. 

3. Attract and Improve Relationships with Leads

Attracting leads is only half the battle, the next crucial steps involving nurturing the potential customers and converting them into loyal buyers. It’s a long-droning and expensive process that involves maintaining contact, scheduling appointments, and other customer support functions, but an automation software can supercharge your lead generation campaigns in more ways than one. 

From creating automated e-mail workflows, segmenting highly-qualified leads, to pinpointing where a lead is in the sales cycle, automating your lead generation approach can skyrocket your sales process by an impressive ten percent. 

The Bottom Line: How Automation can Refine and Optimize Your Marketing Strategy in Multiple Ways

Using marketing automation — be it in delivering hyper-targeted e-mails, optimizing PPC campaigns, nurturing high-quality leads, to social media posting — does wonders for maximizing your efforts. It refines your approach, speeds up the process, and leaves marketers more room to improve other critical areas in their strategy. 

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