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For most digital or social media marketing professionals, the task of running a marketing campaign online is both an art and a science.

Every digital marketing campaign involves the use of several tools, skills, and crucial pieces to deliver the best results possible without running the risk of overspending or failure. Once everything comes together and the higher-ups give the green light, it may seem as if the job is done. The truth, however, is that it’s just the start. 

In certain situations or digital marketing campaigns, retargeting (or “remarketing”, as Google calls it) is a necessity. It has the potential to drive results through the roof and make the most out of your efforts. Generally, retargeting has been proven to give a digital marketing campaign a boost in conversion rates and a satisfactory return on interest (ROI) without any new content. 

Retargeting and remarketing have been around for as long as digital marketing has been in existence, but it has only made a resurgence in recent years, thanks to social media. From Amazon to Facebook (and even on LinkedIn), remarketing or retargeting is very much possible for raising more awareness about your business, increasing sales, and gaining more clients. Out of all the different platforms to retarget your audience on, however, the best one is undoubtedly Google. Why? To put it simply, Google has an immense display network, which makes for a greater magnitude of results. 

Essential tips for successful remarketing or retargeting

When used effectively, retargeting or remarketing on Google can increase the impact of your digital marketing by ten-fold, creating more opportunities for growth along the way. To make the most out of your current marketing campaigns, here are a few retargeting tips that you can put to use: 

Tip #1: Connect your campaigns with Google Analytics

The success that is achieved during retargeting lies within the quality of data. After all, data is what identifies the right audiences and yields the best results. With the help of information from your Google Ads campaigns and websites, Google Analytics compiles extensive amounts of data that can be used to spot details that work. With this tool, understanding what draws people to your business or doesn’t and what makes them buy is captured in data form. When it comes to making smarter decisions when retargeting, Google Analytics provides the essential data you need. 

Tip #2: Use Google Ads to your advantage

Speaking of Google programs, did you know that most successful retargeting efforts are achieved through the use of Google Ads? While your assets may attract and your timing may work in your favor, nothing is more important for a retargeting strategy than the very keywords that bring a website straight to consumers. Google Ads not only allows you to refine your next targeting campaign, but it also provides data and insight that can help your efforts pay off! Another great way to ensure that your retargeting strategy pays off is with a CPC campaign that precisely lands in the search pages that your plausible customers access. Recent updates to Google Ads’ system has made it more conducive for retargeting or remarketing campaign, so make sure that it’s in your arsenal as well! 

Tip #3: Make smarter bids with your data

Successfully retargeting or remarketing with Google is synonymous with making smarter bids on Google Ads. Once you’ve got your data in check with both Google Analytics and Google Ads own statistics section, you can start your remarketing strategy off with a bang with the right keywords and smart management. Some digital marketers may insist that it’s best to opt for manual campaign management, but automatic management may suffice if you’re pressed for time! 

Retargeting your marketing campaigns on Google can lead your business to attain the right results without having to overspend or rush the creation of new assets. By laying out a proper foundation for retargeting or “remarketing” through implementing the three previously mentioned tips, it will be much easier to convert and sell!

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