3 Tips to Elevate Your Business Through Video Marketing

There’s a growing number of marketers who are now using video as part of their marketing strategy and plan. They do this to improve their content marketing. Whether it’s your first time dabbling with video marketing or have done this before, we can help you get the most out of your video marketing campaign.

With that, here are three essential tips for utilizing video marketing for boosting your business.

  1. Know Who They’re For

Your target audience will play an important role in planning and executing videos effectively. Of course, you need to know who these videos are for. When you finally know your target audience, it’s time to gain more insights and understanding into the types of videos that would appeal to your audience. 

Use your demographics, your audience’s behavioral traits, and other relevant details to incorporate videos that will work. Create buyer personas to gain more understanding of who your audience is. From there, you can start planning!

  1. Make a Plan

You need a detailed plan to create videos. Kick it off with a video brief that your target audience will love. You should also factor in distribution channels, CTAs, length, voice and style, and many more. 

Now, use all of this information to create a timeline that includes pre-production and post-production. Here are vital metrics you need to pay attention to: 

  • Views: Look at your daily view metrics and pay attention to spikes and drops to track total view trends over time. You should also consider factors related to where the videos were promoted, the topics they’re focused on, and how long the videos have been in place. 
  • Engagement: From the people who viewed the video, understand the type of engagement they had with it. Did the people who viewed it like or comment? At what point of the video did users exit? 
  1. Know the Goals of Video Marketing

There are many reasons businesses create videos. For one, one of their goals is to establish trust. When videos are valuable, they can lead audiences to come back again, which will add to your credibility. When customers trust you, the more they will look forward to your content. As a result, the chances of converting them become higher. 

Another goal is to drive valuable traffic to your business. Adding videos to your site can increase your chances of ranking high on the first page of search engine results. Moreover, it will help visitors to stay on your site longer. 

Videos can also help you provide knowledge to your audience. It’s crucial to educate your audience about a specific topic, your brand, or what you’re offering. Keep in mind: consumers would rather watch a video to learn about the product or topic compared to other types of content. 


Now that you know some crucial tips to kick off your video marketing campaigns, it’s time that you start now. This is the perfect time to invest in videos for your brand as video content is being highly consumed and preferred by audiences today. If you want to have a higher chance to succeed against the competition, elevate your marketing with videos today! 

Start your video marketing campaign with the help of Discover My Business. We are an online marketing agency in New York, New York that can help you take advantage of video marketing to capture your audience and boost your business. Get a free consultation today!

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