3 Tips to Successfully Target Seniors With Digital Marketing

Older generations are known for shying away from technology because everything just seems so complicated for them. If this is the demographic you’re targeting, this unfortunately means that creating effective advertising campaigns will be a little bit more tricky.

While some seniors have completely given up on technology, others try to keep up with the trends and have their own tablets and smartphones. Some have even taken the time to create their social media profiles, often with the help of friends or family members. You’ve still got a chance to introduce this group to the world of digital marketing.

Wondering how to reach this audience effectively? In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the ways you can productively use digital marketing to attract a more mature audience.

Keep Their Preferred Points of Contact In Mind

Gen-Z is very familiar with influencer culture, or a person’s ability to encourage certain groups of people to support the same causes and brands that they do. However, the same can’t always be said for older members of society.

Seniors are often found on easy-to-use platforms like Facebook and YouTube. These, then, are great places to start getting your message in front of them. Remember that this generation is not as familiar with influencers. Consider advertising products and services directly to them instead.

Two ways you can improve the point of contact when reaching this demographic include ensuring you deliver mobile-friendly content and applying local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to make yourself easy to find.

Give Them A One-Of-A-Kind Online Experience

Catering to older viewers means providing them with personalized content that suits their needs. It also means customizing experiences to enhance their involvement and offering them special treatment to improve their online ventures.

Show seniors you care about them by focusing on their wants and needs. Put effort into uplifting your customer service and you’ll earn their continuous support for your brand. Brands that successfully reach this audience put great emphasis on readily acquiring important information and using traditional methods of communication. This way, the moment your business exceeds their expectations, they will want to share the good news with others and continue trusting your company.

One way to give them a one-of-a-kind experience is producing consistent marketing solutions that they can easily comprehend and use. By using offline and online collaterals, focusing on the repetition of your actions, and providing direct information that leads to a call to action, you will keep your audience’s attention on you. 

Validate Their Loyalty and Attachment

Most seniors don’t spend a very long time browsing each day, preferring to check the few websites they are already familiar with. You’d be wise to consolidate information on a platform geared to provide educational and informative content to the senior population.

Once they find out your website has everything they need, they won’t have to stray away from you anytime soon. By acting as a hub of resources that offer community forums, local content, and blog posts, seniors can properly grasp your site’s stability and credibility.

The careful placement of your promotional campaigns is also vital to attracting the older generation. They need to be backed up by an appropriate explanation and a clear guideline on the information they require or the product or service they want to buy.


Targeting older generations who were once confused about how to use technology now prove to be a great marketing opportunity for your company. Upholding reliable content made to enlighten your senior audience keeps them loyal to your brand for the years to come.

If you’re looking for strategies that involve PPC, web design, and other advertising solutions, Discover My Business is a digital marketing agency in New York, USA that strives to help your business improve online. Get in touch with us now! We’d love to help you out. 

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