4 PPC Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Drive Home Care Agency Leads

There are plenty of ways to reach a wider audience as a home care agency, and digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to do so. By employing a combination of different digital marketing tactics, you’ll be creating content that encourages viewers to flock to your website and eventually engage with your company.

However, you may find yourself occupied with other aspects of your business—ensuring clients are well-taken care off, staff are trained, and equipment is updated, among others. Thankfully, there are affordable marketing strategies that get you results—and within seconds! Here are four pay-per-click (PPC) affiliate marketing strategies that can help you boost your business:

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Most people are familiar with PPC marketing in either name or experience, as it’s a method to propel traffic to your website to earn you some money—all while spending a little of it to get results. One of the most popular affiliate programs available today is Google Ads, which was previously known as Google AdWords.

Through this program, you’ll be able to use their incredibly popular search engine to display your ads and pay for it only when someone clicks it. Additionally, you can also simply display your ad, which will reach up to eighty percent of Google’s users!

You can also opt to use Facebook Ads, which will insert your ads in users’ feeds. This is a less invasive and more natural way to reach your intended audience as a home care agency, so these consist of family members caring for their loved ones. These ads are designed to reach your specific audience. That way, you’re certain that the right people are seeing your ads instead of people who wouldn’t be interested at all, which is a common feature of traditional offline marketing methods.

Product and Keyword Research

A successful PPC marketing strategy also means that you have to come prepared for it. This includes doing thorough research into the keywords that are associated with elder care services, such as “home care for the elderly”. The way you see your product and the way your customers view your product may be different, which is why it’s important to find out the words your audience uses to look for senior service care.

Knowing the keywords used by your audience will ensure that your ad is targeted at the right people. People tend to be easily irritated by irrelevant ads, especially when they’re searching for something completely different. You’ll want to steer clear of any negative perception towards your company, as it can harm your business.  In the home care industry, you need to convince your audience that they can trust you with the care of their loved one. Reputation is very important—one negative experience of a client can easily affect your audience’s perception of your credibility. No one wants to leave their loved ones in less-than-stellar hands.

Having a Plan

Setting milestones to track your progress is integral to your success. Track the data provided to you by your PPC marketing strategies, such as the number of visits to your website or how much you should expect to earn in a certain period of time. This should also help you determine your advertising budget to see if you can expand your PPC marketing.

Alternative Channels

For a well-rounded PPC affiliate marketing strategy, you will want to consider alternative marketing channels. Apart from the big names earlier mentioned, smaller channels can be just as successful in driving traffic to your website. These can range from social bookmarking websites like Reddit, to question and answer websites like Quora, or even a pinboarding service like Pinterest.

Your audience may be crowdsourcing for elder care home services suggestions. This is a great opportunity to promote your business, especially if it’s from a customer that was highly satisfied with your services. These suggestions are often regarded as trustworthy since the users freely provide this information and without incentive.

Additionally, caregiver support groups—both in-person and online—are alternative and effective ways to promote your health care services. Word of mouth spreads quickly here, too. Similar to social bookmarking websites, your services are promoted within your audience in a way that’s genuine and credible.


A successful PPC affiliate marketing strategy is made up of many components—there’s no one clear path to success. However, it’s a great way to help home care agencies reach family caregivers, as they’re a very specific demographic. It also puts you at the forefront of their search query, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Properly researching and testing what works best for your company is key in crafting strategies that work. And with PPC marketing, you’ll be able to get the results you want at an affordable price.

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