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Google Ads has become, for so many companies, the go-to online advertising platform thanks to its unrivaled ability to help businesses capture qualified leads.

However, even with such a powerful tool at hand, these companies still have to dedicate time and effort into making it work in the first place. For that reason, many have decided to outsource this task to other companies that help manage. Not only does it allow companies to focus on other tasks, but in the hands of a professional, their Google Ads campaign becomes much more effective.

Google Ads Manager

What do these kinds of managers do precisely? They make sure your investment in online ads is as high as it can be. That can be achieved through many tasks, such as team management, ROI management, understanding target markets, and so on.

With that said, here are the four skills you should be looking for when hiring a Google Ads manager.

  1. Ability to Influence Customers to Do Business With You

The only way your business is going to make money is that if you have clients. How do you do that? By satisfying the individual. A Google Ads Manager needs to be able to communicate with the client in such a way that convinces the potential customer to do business with you. Because they represent your company, the manager will also need to know how to present himself or herself in the best way possible to attract more and more clients.

  1. Ability to Manage Ads Campaigns for the Most Returns

A manager has to track all the income and expenditure of each campaign, deciding which one is proving more productive, meaning more returns than the other. When a campaign isn’t working well, the manager needs to have the skills to make the necessary changes to boost the return on investments, and to know when to cut off campaigns that are bound to fail. In other words, the Google Ads Manager needs to make sure all the AdWord campaign is bringing out some form of return.

  1. Ability to Lead a Team Effectively

If a manager is unable to work in a team, your AdWords campaign is bound to fail. With that said, a Google Ads Manager needs to have the skills that enable him or her to lead a team effectively. Only this way can all the campaigns be carried out correctly. This also ensures that tasks are assigned to the right individuals and that none of them are overwhelmed with the work they have to do. Finally, this also means that there will be less miscommunication among team members that could have led to mishaps and problems.

  1. A Clear Grasp of What Goals to Focus On

Last but not least, a manager’s job is to decide which goal should be focused on and which goals should be pushed back in the meantime. The manager needs to have the skills to assign and re-assign importance on goals, allocate the right budget to each campaign, and meet the deadlines that are set.

By keeping these four traits in mind, you ensure that the Google Ads Manager you work with is the right one for you. With their help, you enhance your AdWords campaigns, boosting your visibility on the online world, and netting you plenty of qualified leads. 

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Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions in this regard, we’ll be happy to assist further!

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