4 Tips to Carry Out Keyword Research Quickly and Effectively

When creating an effective pay-per-click campaign, one of the most important activities you must do is to create a list of effective keywords to use. With a good list of keywords, your campaigns will bring much more results, allowing you to smash your marketing and overall business goals. That being said, the only way you’re going to create a good keyword list is to undergo keyword research, an activity that may be a little tougher than you may realize. In fact, that’s one of the biggest challenges you face when trying to utilize PPC marketing.

In this article, we’re going to make your life a little easier by sharing a few tips to help you carry out keyword research quickly and effectively:

1. Look at the Competition

One of the best places to look for keywords is your surrounding competitors. You will want to look at other successful businesses in your industry and see what kind of keywords they’re using. Of course, you shouldn’t be outright copying their keywords since you will be competing directly against them. Instead, you should be listing their keywords and including your original keywords. This way, you can rank for less competitive keywords while still trying your hand at the more competitive and effective keywords.

2. Come Up with Synonyms

A single word will have multiple synonyms, and this also applies to the words you included in your keyword list. If you can’t come up with synonyms yourself, you can use software to help you list down the synonyms. For example, if you’re trying to rank for the word car, you can look at synonyms such as vehicle, automobiles, wheels, auto, and the like. The more synonyms you have, the more comprehensive your keywords list you will have, and the better your PPC campaign will be.

3. Use a Keyword Generator

If you are struggling to try and come up with enough keywords for your keyword list, you can use a keyword generator. As the name implies, the keyword generator will generate words you can choose from. While you may not use all the words that the generator provides, it can help spark some creative ideas in your mind that you can list down in your keyword list. That said, list down as many as you can, as you can brainstorm it later and narrow it down to the most relevant keywords.

4. Pick Target Audience-Related Keywords

Remember, you are trying to attract your target audience to click on your ads, and so your keywords must revolve around them. Understand what kind of vocabulary your audience uses—what slang and phrases are commonly used when referring to you from the said audience. You can look at places like social media for the trends for new slang and phrases to ensure it has maximum relevance to your target audience.


These are just some of the many tips you can apply when carrying out keyword research to build your keyword list. Regardless, we highly recommend that you apply as many of the tips as possible. This way, you can create a comprehensive keyword list that you can rely on to ensure plenty of results for your PPC marketing campaigns. If you still need help, then do work with a digital marketing agency with expertise in PPC marketing. They can help you craft the best marketing strategy possible to ensure maximum results to help you reach your business goals.

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