5 Effective Tips for Lowering Your Cost Per Click on AdWords

In this highly digitized world, online marketing reigns supreme. Part of the leading platforms in modern advertising is Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click campaign, which continues to evolve as it helps experts and beginners alike in establishing a reputable online presence.

With the two tips that we have prepared for you, in this article, you can do just that!

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

PPC is an online platform that marketers use to buy a portion of your website’s foot traffic instead of generating organic visits. It plays a pivotal and supporting role in fast-tracking your progress in reaching your target audience.

However, paying for clicks doesn’t automatically land you high-quality traffic. The strategy takes extensive knowledge and intensive research to ensure every penny can make a significant dent on the performance of a PPC campaign. This is where cost-per-click comes into play, which measures the amount you spend on AdWords as a way to maximize your marketing efforts.

To that end, you can make the most of your PPC for a bang for the buck price by implementing the following tried and true strategies:

Tip #1: Lower Your Cost-Per-Click by Switching to Manual Bidding

You have the option to let Google take the trouble of bidding out of your hands, wherein you can set a maximum budget per day while Google handles the rest. While this is an easy and efficient way to kickstart your campaign, you can save on costs by switching from automatic to manual bidding.

Manual bidding gives you control on how much goes into your keywords, which you can maximize by identifying the average CPC cost as a starting bid number. Another way to maximize your costs is to analyze your keywords and lower the bids for those with plenty of impressions but did not push through any sales.

Conversely, you can increase your bid on keywords that generate more sales.

Tip #2: Combine PPC with Organic Search Marketing

If you want to reinforce your online presence and enhance your marketing effort’s efficiency, start by leveraging the best of both worlds of PPC and organic search marketing. You can easily use each tactic’s strengths to fill in the gaps as PPC and SEO are a powerful duo in increasing your ranking in search engines.

The more visibility, the more consumers trust your brand as a reputable online presence will increase click-through rates as viewers may see your business as highly influential. Covering both areas of the game also widens your customer pool as some only trust organic results, while others are hooked by paid search results.

Tip #3: Review Your Keywords

The key to a cost-efficient PPC campaign is to create a well-balanced keyword list. Focusing on high-traffic keywords means you have to shell out more from your budget, which can lead to a hefty price in total.

With that in mind, adding low search volume like long-tail keywords can provide balance to your strategy. It has the potential for a promising performance all for a friendly price, so adding long-tail keywords to your bids can make a world of difference in your CPC.

On another note, be sure to keep a watchlist on negative keywords. It’s best to identify keywords that do not generate any leads or engage viewers as bidding on them will only result in a waste.

In Conclusion

PPC advertising is a highly effective tool that can support your SEO and other marketing efforts. However, generating more leads to your site doesn’t have to come at a high cost. You can easily cut back on a few bucks with the guide above!

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Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions in this regard, we’ll be happy to assist further!

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