5 Ways Home Care Agencies Could Benefit From a PPC Agency



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Digital Marketing for Healthcare Agencies

Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are two popular driving forces of digital marketing today. While SEO services are all the rage right now, you can’t deny the benefits that PPC ads bring too! After all, it has the potential to deliver targeted traffic in order to generate more sales—but it takes more than just a snap of your fingers to push through with.

For any business venture—healthcare providers, in particular—the success of a PPC campaign depends on the strength of the strategy built around it. There are multiple strategies present, like Geo-Targeting, Dynamic Search Ads, and Ad Scheduling, to name a few. This can make the process a bit challenging, which is why PPC agencies make it easier to manage your campaigns. 

To emphasize its importance, here are five reasons why engaging with a PPC management company will benefit home care agencies:

1. Hiring and agency is actually cost-effective

Directly hiring someone to handle your PPC campaigns for you would incur heaps in manpower costs. While taking on an agency may incur a fixed-rate, outsourcing to a reliable PPC agency will return the same results at a lower cost!

2. It can help save time

Time is of the essence; any minute wasted can be a loss for your business. Setting up PPC campaigns doesn’t happen overnight since it involves thorough keyword research, dedicated advert writing, close monitoring, and constant updating.

Besides this, PPC ads track and identify profitable locations and make sure that the ad extensions are functioning properly. If you were to take on all these tasks yourself, there would be less time for handling the more important aspect of your operations: caring for your patients!

3. PPC requires a certain skill level and expertise

Attempting to run a PPC campaign on your own is plenty of work, and the learning curve will be steep. It will also take time before you garner the skills and experience necessary to drive your home care agency to the desired level of success you want.

Engaging a PPC management company will immediately ensure that you’ll be working with seasoned professionals, the latest technology and tools, and a comprehensive strategy. The professionals you work with will also monitor your campaign’s ranking progress for you.

4. Keyword research is complicated

Keyword research is one integral part of a PPC ad campaign, and it usually gets much of the focus—and for a good reason: it’s a complicated process!

Experts monitor this single component from start to finish. While there are free keyword search tools on the internet, there’s a risk of using the wrong keywords as you learn the specifics. As a result, you can lose more money as you struggle to find the right keywords to use for your campaign.

Meanwhile, PPC companies have budgets and can invest in superior tools, giving you a competitive advantage when you hire them!

5. Tracking is tricky

Tracking is one of the most important parts of a successful PPC campaign. Not only do you need to track sales, but you also need to figure out where they’re coming from.

Keyword placements also come into play here. Well-executed analyses will give insight into placements and keywords that lead to the most conversions.

Tagging makes it possible to see which campaigns are doing well. There are even tracking codes involved in the entire process! If you don’t have the time to learn all these components, it’s more advisable to outsource your efforts for an easier and simpler time.


Anybody who’s dabbled in marketing their own business knows the advantages that PPC can provide you. It can promote growth, reach target audiences, and help business owners reach their desired targets if done correctly.

You can invest in two resources for your home care agency: time and money. Choosing the latter to invest in a reputable PPC agency will deliver results quickly! You’ll have your ROI in no time, all the while spending time on the more important aspects of your home care service that you need to make it grow.

Is your home care agency in need of a Pay Per Click advertising company to help you scale your operations? Here at Discover My Business, we are a full-service digital marketing agency that provides services such as PPC advertising, web design, marketing automation, and video production. We are a scaled digital marketing consulting firm in the US that values diligence, specialization, and consistency. Get in touch with us and request a consultation today!

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