5 Ways to Maximize PPC Marketing for Your Law Firm’s Online Presence

Law firms offer niche services of representing their clients with their specific areas of expertise. Whether it is contract disputes in real estate, there’s a firm for almost any concern and conflict. If firms want to properly reach the clients that need them, they need to employ the proper use of pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement marketing.

The role of digital marketing

In the current age where customer services are more focused on online visibility over other traditional forms of, media such as newspaper ads and TVC spots in basic cable, more and more firms are switching to digital marketing to make their services known to clients.

In this article, we will share with you five ways on how you can maximize your PPC advertising campaigns so that your firm can reach your potential market effectively:

1. Make it easier to provide answers

In a similar way that search engine algorithms predict keyword searches from its users, law firms need to target their clients with the right questions by responding with relevant information. It’s important to keep your copy straight to the point while giving as quick of an answer as possible.

Stick to specifics, in terms of numbers of days, cost of fines, and important documents that they may need to prepare. It’s your firm’s job to make it easier for your customers’ search results to reach the right landing pages of your website, from the information that they need from contact info to legal terminologies.

2. Optimize content for mobile

Most people hardly use a desktop unless they’re using it for business purposes. Internet searches can be easily done through voice search through their phones and tablets. This significant shift to mobile access means that you will also need to shift your focus on mobile optimization.

A major part of gaining a client’s trust is giving them a hassle-free user experience when they are on your website. If they’re unable to navigate your page due to poorly designed UI (user interface), then they will most likely opt for another firm instead.

3. Create an easy to navigate UI

As far as user experience is concerned, it’s important to keep in mind that potential clients who are looking for a service can easily get lost in a site that is overloaded with information. If the visual components are not designed to the right specifications, it could lead to a messy and unprofessional layout. This is why you should always optimize your site for mobile viewing and keep your copy simple and easy to digest.

4. Use compelling visual aids

Many people today who browse the Internet have a limited attention span. It’s mostly thanks to how social media platforms and search engines have made it easier to provide too much information for our brains to handle all at once.

The modern consumer has no time to read through long-winded lines of text, which is why many focus on a combination of written and visual analysis of your content. Make sure to use effective and interactive visual aids to pair with your site’s text so that it’s easier for the content of your message to reach your viewers.

5. Make use of your social media

Did that you know social media platforms, such as Facebook, account for over 25% of an online user’s browsing time? Besides making it easier to share content across platforms with long copies and versatile content formats, opening a business page on Facebook makes you eligible to run paid search ads and boosted posts. This also allows you to gain a larger audience of your marketing campaigns so that your contact can reach directly to your potential client’s newsfeed.


Law firms specialize in different demographics, depending on their client base. Businesses as important as law firms need to ensure that they’re keeping up to date with today’s digital marketing trends. With services quickly developing an online marketplace of products and services, expert legal advice is one service that they ought to know about.

If you’re looking to boost your firm online visibility, contact our pay-per-click advertising agency in New York today and draft your next successful campaign with us!

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