7 Stages of Website Promotion

What is the search engine optimization for the website?
Beginners often ask this question in this regard, DiscoveMyBusiness decided to make a short note about how we imagine the stages of progress. In principle, the stages will be ordinary. And if you are already an SEO specialist, you are unlikely to find anything new here, but for beginners, it will be useful to see the whole picture.

1) Obtaining Company Business Information
At this stage, it is necessary to understand what services or/and products the company offers. Customers should understand what you promote on your online presence.

2) Website Goals
It is very important to understand why a company needs a website and why do you need the promotion at all. Here are some of the main options:
– Portfolio website card for clients, including existing ones
– Selling website
But for what you may need promotion:
– Attract new customers
– Be on certain positions in the search engines
– Getting traffic to the website

3) Keyword Research
Identification of the right keywords, keyword phrases is vital and using them in a strategic manner will bring in the kind of relevant traffic that will convert – period. Your keywords focus will always have a direct impact on the top line of your business.

4) Competitors Research and Analysis
You need to check top 10 competitors on the industries that interest you most. Find out the indicators of their sites, such as SEO, PR, Backlinks, Text content and etc.

5) Website Audit
The audit is an important stage in which we determine the various indicators of our resource. Ours advice to toy it to make an analysis of all the factors that affect website’s visibility in search engines.

6) Internal Optimization
– Analysis of competitors content
– Selection of the page for a group of keywords.
– SEO-content optimization, including the correct meta text.
All is calculated individually for each request based on the study of competitors from the top10) and linking to other pages of the site.

7) External Optimization
This includes filling the reference mass of the site, by buying traffic through Pay-Per-Click advertising, blogging, buying articles and encouraging natural links.

Stages 6 and 7 are constantly being adjusted.

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