Are You Doing PPC Right? What To Know About PPC Today

In part one of our series on outdated beliefs about PPC, we discussed basic misconceptions people have about paid advertising and what PPC management experts today say about it. Though we already dispelled myths in our first post, there are still many things people misunderstand about pay-per-click advertising. Here are a few more things you should know about PPC.

MYTH: A Bigger Budget Means Better Rankings

While it helps to have a sizeable budget for bids, having money to burn is not the be-all-end-all of PPC. Other factors are relevant to your campaigns, like targeting, quality score, extensions, and ad copy. Pay attention to the quality score; this can help improve your rankings since the higher this is, the more the search engines will consider your ad relevant to the search intent. 

If you notice that you have a low score, you need to figure out how to improve your messaging or targeting. Campaigns on a budget can still improve their quality score as long as they have their messaging on point.

MYTH: PPC Campaigns Only Work On Google

Google is not the only search engine where you can invest in PPC advertising. Although it is the most widely used one, You can still explore Bing and Yahoo. These places make up a smaller percentage of searches but still see a considerable number of users. It is easier for some advertisers to see ROI and conversions with them since there aren’t as many brands advertising on these engines. A digital marketing company can help you figure out how to reach your audience on these platforms.

MYTH: PPC Is Only For Sites With Low Rankings

If you are a company with high rankings in organic searches, you can still benefit from incorporating PPC in your digital marketing plan. You can use paid ads together with your SEO strategy so you can increase your business’ overall branding efforts. A PPC campaign allows you to effectively reach your target audience and expand your reach by getting you in front of users for keywords you might have trouble ranking. Both organic and paid ads ensure that your target audience knows who you are and what you offer.

MYTH: PPC Campaigns Are Easy To Manage

The notion that a PPC campaign operates on “set it and forget it” is misleading. If you cannot focus on your PPC account weekly, you will overlook collecting and analyzing essential data. Although some teams can indeed handle PPC, others cannot dedicate enough time to it. Besides the time you need to spend on creating the initial plan, you also need to monitor the adjustments you make so you know how to make your next campaigns better. Instead of spending too much time on it, you can hire a professional to focus on your PPC strategy for you.


PPC ads have a steep learning curve, and if you do not have the time to dedicate to it, you might not see success. A PPC specialist can help you figure out how to get the word out about your business and target the right consumers online.

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