Asphalt Paving Calculator

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DiscoverMyBusiness Asphalt Paving Calculator can help you determine how many tons of Hot Mix Asphalt you need for your next road paving job.

Now we will teach you in this page how to calculate the quantity, tonnage, average cost for asphalt paving services. This calculator will estimate the number of tons of hot mix asphalt that will be required for your projects.

Please note Depth Sizes for:
– Residential 3″+
– Commercial 3.5″+
– Heavy duty 4.5″+
– Truck traffic/garbage truck dumpster area 6”+

The weight of asphalt in tons required for a paving project may be readily calculated using a few simple steps:

1. Measure the length, width in foots and depth in inches.
2. Enter dimensions into calculator
3. Calculate cubic foots
4. To Pave 1 cubic foot we need (avg. 145lb)
5. Calculate total pounds
6. Calculate total tons need to pave your surface, use this formula: “Total cubic foots X 145lb (weight density) = Total Pounds / 2000lb = Total Tons Need to Pave Your Surface”
7. One ton of asphalt costs (avg. $120)
8. Calculate total price for asphalt

Considering asphalt is usually priced by square feet, the larger your driveway, the more asphalt is required. Therefore, the easiest way to lower your asphalt paving price is to install a smaller driveway.

The cost to asphalt paving ranges between $3 and $5 per square foot. The overall cost will be cheaper than installing a brand new asphalt.

You can get as much depth inches of asphalt as you wish, in addition to price per square foot or if you prefer. Additional charge appplied for extra inch of depth in average $2

Here is steps to calculate your asphalt paving cost in square foots:

1. Calculate total square foots (length X height)
2. Price per square foot (avg. $4)
3. Calculate total price (sq. ft X $4)

Any paving contractor is 3+ times the material. If your asphalt paving cost is $2,500. Then your total price with labor and all of the expenses is $7500.