Conduct an Audit with the Help of a Google Ads Expert


AUGUST, 2022

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Think of your marketing campaigns like a car. If you don’t regularly tune them up and refill them with gas, they will eventually break down, and your competitors will leave you behind.        

Businesses are not regularly monitoring their digital ad campaigns and making changes to optimize them. Over time, this leads to a downshift in the campaign’s return on investment (ROI). However, often businesses will keep the campaign running even though it is no longer effective due to a lack of action.

However, suppose you want to ensure that your Google Ads campaigns run as efficiently as possible. In that case, it’s important to put in the time to monitor and adjust them regularly, especially with the help of a Google Ads expert.


An audit of your Google Ads campaigns is essential to ensure that your campaigns are running smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, an audit can help you identify any mistakes that may have been made during subsequent changes to your campaign.


When to Conduct One


Conducting a Google Ads audit is a great way to improve your campaigns and ensure that you use best practices. So start right now!


This means that after the first audit is completed, another one should be done every three months.


Don’t check your ads too often to get a lot of information. Even Google Ads experts will tell you you need time to generate reliable data.


How to Conduct One


A Google Ads audit is a comprehensive review of your entire account. This is done to ensure that all aspects of your account work together cohesively and are aligned with your goals. Here’s how you can conduct one:


  • Check your account’s goals and objectives: Before you start your audit, you should have a clear idea of what your traffic and conversion goals are. This will help you measure your progress and see where you need to improve. Remember that your goals may change as your business scales.


After you have checked your account’s structure, you want to look at your campaigns and ad groups to ensure they are organized correctly and that your reporting is accurate.


  • Structure your bid strategy: You should check to see if you are using the most effective strategy for your ads and make sure that your budget is appropriate and that you are using the most effective delivery methods. If you have campaigns performing well, you should consider allocating more of your budget to them.


Bid adjustments are a way to fine-tune your ad campaigns to target specific conditions that will result in your ads performing better. For example, if your ads are more likely to be successful with teens and their parents, you can adjust your bids to reflect that by targeting them in the evenings when they’re more likely to be available.


  • Review keywords: The ideal number of relevant keywords per ad group is ten or fewer. It is also wise to use negative keywords to help qualify clicks, reduce irrelevance, and prevent queries from triggering ads in multiple groups.


Make sure you’re using match-type keywords, so you’re not spending too much on unqualified queries.


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