Create the Best PPC Calls to Action with These Pointers

PPC advertising can be extremely effective in driving leads and sales, but only if done correctly. One of the most important considerations of effective PPC advertising is using calls to action. Unfortunately, many businesses need to take advantage of this essential element, resulting in a higher return on investment.

If you’re on the lookout for a digital marketing agency that leverages PPC content, ensure they recommend or apply these pointers in their strategies:

Write with Strong Action Verbs

Every CTA from your digital marketing agency should encourage the user to take immediate action. For example, “Get 50 percent off your first purchase!” is more effective than “Sign up for our newsletter.” So, they must use persuasive language in their CTAs to encourage users to take the desired action. For example, “Sign up now and get a free trial!” or “Download now and see the difference!”

Utilize a Sense of Urgency

Making people feel like they need to act now to get a good deal motivates them to do something. If people think an offer will expire soon, they are more likely to take advantage of it. Therefore, limited-time sales, offers, or promotions are a good way to get people’s attention and motivate them to take action.

The idea is that your digital marketing agency must get the reader to act by appealing to their negative sentiments. So, rather than simply telling them to stop eating junk food, you contrast that with the benefits of following a healthy diet. This technique can be risky, as not everyone will respond positively to it, but it can be effective in getting people to take action.

Bring Value

It is important to show that there is value behind every call to action (CTA), for example, benefits, bonuses, or return on investment (ROI). If not, users will not know if it is worth their time to click on the ad.

To create a successful call-to-action, you need to focus on what will offer value to the user. This could be a service like a free consultation or a free trial. By demonstrating what the user will gain from clicking on your CTA, you are more likely to generate clicks.

Leverage Curiosity

Keep all the information private when you’re writing a call to action. Instead, leave a cliffhanger that will make the reader want to learn more by visiting your website or buying the product you mentioned!

Remember to be Simple

Your CTA should be straightforward to understand. Make it clear what will happen when someone clicks on your ad. For example, if you want them to buy something, say, “buy now.” Remember that PPC ads have limited characters, so every word should be chosen carefully. Avoid being vague or unclear.

Write numbers as digits instead of words to save space and make the ad easier to read. For example, use “24” instead of “twenty-four.”

It is best to have multiple CTA lines per PPC campaign so that the goals are clear and the CTAs are distinct.

In Closing

If your digital marketing agency doesn’t apply even one of these pointers, don’t consider hiring them. You want a team that can increase your leads and sales with as little effort and maximum results as possible. The best PPC calls to action are simple, strong, urgent, and valuable to your readers.

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