Expanding Your Law Firm Using Google AdWords
MAY, 2020
Google Adwords Advertising
PPC for Law Firms
Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Lawyers
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Google is undoubtedly the powerhouse when it comes to search engines, as almost everyone who uses the internet has used their services at least once. The search engine has been developed so well that the algorithms are able to pick up on a multitude of topics and relevant searches. Knowing this, you will definitely want to be optimizing your website to stand out on Google, as it can bring exponential growth in the blink of an eye.

Whether your firm has a history with digital marketing and Google’s advertising management or not, a Pay Per Click (PPC) consultant or agency will be a significant boost to your business. If your business is new ad management, here are a few key points to pay attention to when starting out AdWords:

Working Your Way Around PPC Marketing

 Legal consultants who have gone through marketing management services may already have had significant growth in the first few months of hiring professionals. These usually improve over time depending on the quality of services provided by specialized agencies.

For law firms looking to integrate PPC advertising techniques into their marketing strategies, the best bet is to hire the services of a digital marketing specialist. These agents should be able to explain the concepts behind advertising and what to expect with certain strategies. This entails site traffic analytics and lead sources, as well as many other statistics that are used to grow your firm’s popularity on search engines.

It would be advisable to keep documentation flowing, such as regularly updated spreadsheets and flowcharts from PPC advertising statistics and tracked communications for reference. The speed of success by which businesses grow largely depends on the location of operation, competing firms, and the demand for certain services. With an optimized website, traffic starts coming in and will therefore greatly expedite growth.

The General Timeline of Site Growth

 Introducing your firm to a professional digital marketer will be the start of exponential growth. Below are some of the key points that occur towards reaching your goal:

  • When Site Traffic is Expected

When running Search Engine Optimization tools, this process provides higher cyber traffic to webpages. A popular platform to conduct analytics is through Google Analytics, as they work well with Google’s services. Additionally, leads can come from multiple sources such as phone calls or filled up contact sheets on your website. These provide you with user data that can be further used to tweak campaign settings. This is the initial step, as it entails the start of ad optimization.

  • When is it Time to Start Converting Leads?

After you start your site’s ad campaign, an AdWords agent should be able to increase the number of leads generated by emphasizing keywords and further optimizations. When there is an increase in leads, this naturally means more business is to be done. Expect a spike in appointments for legal matters, as your site may have blown up on the top search results.

A good PPC advertising manager would be able to increase website dynamics through developing them along with the statistics of leads turning into cases.

  • Using Metrics to Adjust Site Strategies

When your webpage has grown significantly enough, this means more logistics to be handled, as well as more work services being availed of from your firm. This means that your offerings are already validated by multiple clients, therefore making it time to study metrics for a significant boost.

These metrics usually include how well your advertising is doing, as well as conversions and new cases. All will help you adjust your marketing strategy for better performance.


The world of business can be described as a piranha feeding frenzy. The scene is just too competitive and fast-paced, which is why owners must adapt to the times and innovate. Especially in the law field, wherein tried and tested law firms who have years of experience will almost always overshadow the younger firms.

To avoid staying in the shadows of the giants, the internet is an invaluable tool that can be the driving force to grow your firm’s credibility.

If you are looking for one of the best AdWords management company in New York, look no further than us to get started today!


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