How to Avoid Abandoned Carts on Your E-commerce Checkout

eCommerce checkout pages are often the last step in the customer journey before making a purchase. As such, they play a critical role in the conversion funnel.

A well-designed checkout page made by expert website design services can distinguish between a customer completing a purchase or abandoning their cart.

Once they reach the checkout page, seven out of ten customers decide not to complete their orders.

Even with gorgeous websites and steady organic traffic, many businesses still run into this lethal wall of high abandonment rates.

You may achieve great conversion rates by shortening the checkout process for your clients and enhancing your checkout page.

Why can’t you accomplish this? Here is a guide on enhancing an online store’s checkout page.

What Takes Place During the Online Checkout?

Customers are in the checkout phase of the customer journey when they click the “Buy” button to complete a transaction. Given that this is where transactions happen, it makes it natural that a checkout page would be the most important part of an eCommerce website.

The following steps make up the standard checkout process:

  1. Load merchandise into the shopping cart
  2. Choose a payment schedule
  3. Include the billing and shipping information
  4. View the preview to see the order summary
  5. Verify your purchase and make payment

What Are The Main Explanations For Abandoned Shopping Carts?

Why do shoppers remove items from their shopping carts? Some of the most frequent causes of high checkout abandonment or cart abandonment rates include the following:

  • Additional shipping and tax charges
  • Protracted, difficult checkout process
  • No upfront expenses for the net order
  • Delivery delays and a terrible return policy
  • Website didn’t appear to be secure
  • Cards on credit were rejected

How To Make Your Online Store’s Checkout Page Better

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy to increase the number of transactions your organization completes on the checkout page.

However, you can improve your checkout page by taking the following steps, ultimately increasing sales and conversions.

Produce An Appealing and Useful Design

The user will be persuaded to finish the purchase through the checkout page. Here are some suggestions for refining the look and feel of your checkout pages.

If several pages are involved in the checkout process, turn on a visual indicator to show the procedure’s status.

While clients are on the checkout page, allow them to change or remove items from their shopping carts. It will be convenient to have the option of returning to the store if one forgets what one had intended to purchase.

  • For buttons with various functionalities, use different colors.
  • Allow customers to review their orders before they make a cash payment
  • Enable customers to choose whether or not to print their receipts
  • On the checkout screen, don’t forget to include links to your privacy policy, frequently asked questions, and return policy

Make Sure the Checkout Process Is Quick and Easy

Because fewer clicks are linked to higher conversion rates, minimize the processes needed to complete the checkout as much as possible. To guarantee a smooth checkout procedure, implement the following tips.

When registration is necessary before payment, many customers are turned away. Allow customers to pay without creating an account.

When possible, enable autofill for information like shipping and billing addresses. By doing this, the consumer will save time and be motivated to finish the checkout process.

Enhance The Experience on Smartphones

The majority of customers shop online using their mobile devices. Personal computers are now second only to mobile phones as the most popular Internet access.

Ensure that your checkout page is mobile-friendly. Layout changes and constrictive designs are the main causes of lost sales. If you feel this is too technical, you can seek web design services for maximized results.

Provide Numerous Choices For Payment and Delivery

It is a powerful and successful marketing strategy to allow customers to select their goods’ payment method and delivery date.

Credit card rejection is one of the key causes of high cart abandonment rates. Therefore, permit customers to pay using services like Google Pay or Paypal.

Whenever possible, offer and provide free shipping. Free delivery will be enabled by setting a minimum purchase quantity; alternatively, after speaking with the vendors, you can provide it in exchange for goods.


You can do key things to improve your eCommerce checkout page and make it more user-friendly. First, keep the page simple and uncluttered. Second, make the checkout process easy to understand and follow. Third, provide clear and concise instructions. Finally, give customers the option to save their information for future purchases. These tips can make your checkout page more user-friendly and improve your conversion rate. However, if you want to focus on gaining sales for your eCommerce and leave this work to the experts, you can also contact a reputable web design company.

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