Important PPC Stats to Take Note of for 2021 (Part 1)

Given how the global coronavirus pandemic put the world under lockdown for over a year, it’s no surprise that there have been changes in consumer dynamics. Certain sectors felt the full weight of the economic crisis; others thrived like they never had prior. Amidst all that, PPC management experts will be the first to tell you that pay-per-click marketing is definitely a constant.

This is a two-part post. In the first part of this series, we will tackle three important PPC marketing statistics.


Economic activity has all but stopped in various degrees throughout several industries across the world. That said, employing the services of an online PPC marketing agency for a strong strategy can help your business rise to multiple levels. This includes, but is not limited to, factors such as:

  • Better control over spending for marketing
  • Complements other digital marketing methods (such as search engine optimization/SEO)
  • Optimizable and measurable
  • Results are consistent and practically instant
  • Source for good-quality leads that can be relied on
  • Strong options for targeting

When the PPC marketing strategy that’s in place is established properly, it can be very powerful. Your business will then be poised for success.

The Statistics

In a nutshell, this is a great overview of PPC marketing’s general state. Things that will manifest through these statistics include:

  • A clear view of the search marketing landscape
  • CTR (click-through rate) of Google Ads
  • Perception of users towards PPC ads
  • PPC management campaign’s overall effectiveness

1. According to Clutch, 77 percent of internet users claim to recognize paid search ads easily

This is noteworthy given the aversion many people have developed towards online advertising in general. The general consensus is that it’s too disruptive, and has a sales vibe that is more annoying than anything else. That stems from traditional advertising being invasive, alongside other marketers opting for advertising techniques that are sketchy at best.

2. According to Formstack, amongst channels for high-volume leads, PPC was ranked amongst the top three

The study Formstack conducted was simple enough: It sought to find out how marketers drive leads in the present. PPC came in third (at 17 percent) behind email marketing (18 percent) and website conversions on-page (24 percent). They were all found to be the best high-volume lead sources.

3. According to Statista, $110 billion was spent on search advertising by companies in 2020

PPC management has been continually invested in by multiple businesses despite the state of the economy. This can likely be attributed to more and more businesses migrating online. In fact, spending on PPC ads has increased with the hopes of generating more revenue. This is a clear example of how much marketers and business owners alike see the effectiveness and value of PPC ads.


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has held its own in terms of importance and strength despite the coronavirus pandemic. It brings many benefits, such as strong options for targeting and optimizable and measurable. Statistics that offer a general overview will be key in the next steps your business will take. While we’ve touched on some statistics here, watch this space for more data that can help to make informed decisions.

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