Increasing Your Law Firm’s Inquiries With Google AdWords


MARCH, 2020

Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Google Adwords for Lawyers

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Using Google Adwords is a potent way of converting website users into potential clients for your law firm. Most firms already utilize the power and significance of using Google AdWords to attract prospective customers. Ads increasingly dominate the search results page, making their firms the go-to places of clicks and search queries. If you wish to obtain the same results for your firm, here is a quick guide to using Google AdWords, which seeks to help you get more calls and cases.

1 – Use geotargeting to determine boundaries for lead acquisition

As a law firm, you already have a solid idea of the geographic areas you serve. Clients visit your offices for discussions, while other lawyers go out to meet clients at local coffee shops, housecall visits, and even client offices.

Whatever your firm’s practices may be, make sure that this is modeled carefully in your AdWords geotargeting tactic. In other words, match your campaign’s geofencing to your own firm’s business model, as it helps you target your clients better, ultimately resulting in converted leads.

2 – Generate ad copies and texts tailored according to every ideal client segment

When people use search engines, such as Google, they tend to type using specific keywords to get highly relevant search results. As such, the way your copy is written should cater to such specific queries.

SEO and Google AdWords are such competitive landscapes in the legal industry, so much so that lawyers end up cashing in big costs to ensure that their firms and websites end up being in the top results. With these facts in mind, remember that plenty of firms are prepared to invest far and wide to ensure that their ads remain as optimized and targeted as possible. To keep up with the competition and stay ahead, make your very own ad copies and texts as targeted as possible.

3 – Make your phone ring all day using call-only ads

If you wish to speak directly to your clients through the use of AdWords, your prayers have been heard. Google Adwords offers a special type of ad for search campaigns, which is referred to as Call-Only ads. These ads are exactly what you think it is—they’ll help your phone ring directly with clients on the other line! Instead of driving search traffic to your website, you will enable users to contact you directly from the search results page generated for them by Google.

4 – Expand the reach of your keywords

Google AdWords is exactly just that—optimization. This approach is one of the most conservative efforts you can do, but the results can be well worth it. As you run search ads on Google, make sure that you target exact match keywords. By doing so, your ads appear when users type and search the exact keywords (or anything close in variation), which can help you reach specific audiences.

5 – Manage your AdWords account accordingly

To make the most out of your AdWords account, you must do regular and proper management. That will enable you to have healthy and profitable campaigns. That said, here are several things an AdWords manager should be regularly targeting:

  • Continuously looking for “bad” and “negative” keywords
  • Looking for new keywords to target
  • Constant measurement of the performance of ads, keywords, and other relevant search terms.

Checking on your firm’s ad expenditures and performance still depends heavily on your account, campaign maturity, market size, and even budget. Remember: the larger the market, the more search impressions and terms your campaigns will be able to rack up.


As you switch your efforts to Google AdWords, remember to implement the techniques listed above. AdWords has proven to be an effective tool in generating leads and traffics, which could then translate to more calls, cases, and clients for your law firm.

If you’re looking for a Google Ads specialist for your law firm needs, look no further—get in touch with us today! Our brand promise is simple—we’ll provide you with a powerful digital marketing solution for your business, and the rest will follow.

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