Marketing Automation Myths You Should Correct and Unfold


JULY, 2022

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The reason marketing automation works is exactly why new business owners should implement it. Marketing automation is a way to automate the most time-consuming tasks related to a business and focus on the big picture.

It allows business owners to focus on growth and key marketing goals. By doing so, marketing automation allows business owners to work more efficiently and, in turn, cut costs.

For those small business owners strapped for time, marketing automation can be a major lifesaver. Marketing automation is a way to dramatically increase the impact of their marketing campaigns without adding hours to their schedule.

Myths That You Should Ignore About Marketing Automation 

  1. Automated Marketing Is Only for Sending Emails

Although email marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing automation, this myth is not true. Marketing automation encompasses so much more than just sending emails. It’s about automating the lead marketing process, from generating leads to nurturing them until they become leads to developing them into customers.

Marketing automation takes care of the hard work of sending emails and frees up more time for business owners to focus on acquiring more leads.

  1. Automated Marketing Is Impersonal

Many people think that automated marketing is impersonal. That could not be further from the truth. In reality, the most effective marketing is the most personalized. Marketing automation focuses on personalizing the sales process, making it the most effective way to do business today.

  1. Marketing Automation Is Expensive

Another misconception that most marketers have is that marketing automation is too expensive. Some marketing automation systems are indeed too expensive, and some marketing automation systems don’t provide good value for their cost. However, that is not the case with all marketing automation systems.

A sound marketing automation system should provide a powerful platform to get the most out of your marketing campaign. The best marketing automation systems are affordable for small businesses and help business owners reach their marketing goals without breaking the bank.

  1. Marketing Automation Is Only for Big Companies

Automated marketing is not just for massive companies with big marketing budgets. In fact, marketing automation is perfect for small businesses because it streamlines and simplifies the marketing process.

Marketing automation allows business owners to get more out of their marketing efforts with less time and money. Small businesses can use marketing automation to compete with larger competitors and win many cases.

  1. Automated Marketing Stops After a Sale Is Closed

The final myth to dispel is that automated marketing stops once a sale is closed. That’s far from the truth. Marketing automation systems can drive customer loyalty, improve customer service, and increase customer lifetime value.

There are countless ways to use marketing automation after a sale is closed. To learn more about how you can turn your marketing into an automated system that works for you, connect with a marketing automation company.


Marketing automation is not a myth. Marketing automation is a proven way to improve lead generation, and basic marketing automation is affordable for all businesses. With the right marketing automation system, a small business can compete with much larger competitors.

Rather than believing the myths that marketing automation has, business owners should learn how to use marketing automation and get the most out of their marketing efforts.

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