Our Guide for Creating, Implementing, and Refining a PPC Strategy (Part 2)

A digital marketing plan must account for many different aspects. Apart from increasing organic website traffic, it also helps to have a pay-per-click or PPC strategy to attract more clicks through paid campaigns. To do this, you’ll need a sound PPC strategy that doesn’t conflict with your organic marketing strategy, ensuring you cover all bases.

In our previous article, we talked about the first three steps of creating, implementing, and refining a PPC strategy to help you expand your visibility, earn more income, and widen your customer base. Here are the rest of the steps:

Step 4: Create Your Account Structure

Now that you’ve planned your strategy, it’s time to implement it. Set up your Google account by determining your Campaigns and Ad Groups. Most companies have a few broad campaigns and a select number of Ad Groups under these campaigns. Set your budget for the right campaign level and choose your keywords at the ad group level.

Then, comb the terms you’ve put in your keyword research and decide on the action you want users to perform when they click on your website from these terms. Then, choose the keywords that fit your campaign well to define your ad groups, helping you segment the terms more. PPC management experts can also help you refine your account structure and the keywords you choose.

Step 5: Write Compelling Ad Copy

You’ll need to write attractive, compelling ad copy for each ad group you have. High-quality ad copy will increase your click-through rates, Quality Score, and reduce cost per acquisition. It’s important to note that users will decide whether to click on your ad based on your copy, so it’s worth working with a Google ads specialist to know what works.

For instance, use the target keyword at least once in the ad headline and body text, but be sure not to overdo it. Include action verbs like “sign up” at the beginning of the copy and write a price or statistics to offer more concrete promises to your audience. Use a user-friendly display URL and compare your copy with that of your competitors to ensure you have a winning ad.

Step 6: Design PPC Landing Pages Geared to Convert

All your ads must take users to a landing page specifically created for them. The more your landing page content matches the search intent, the more likely your users will convert. Sending your searchers to a generic page like your website home page will only cause them to feel frustrated and exit your website. 

Additionally, be sure to keep your keywords and messaging consistent between the ad copy and the landing page. Repeat the search terms used in your ad on your landing page and emphasize your brand’s unique value proposition from the advertisement in your landing page header. Be sure to include a call to action based on the goal you defined in the planning stage, whether it’s to sign up for your newsletter or purchase your product. Lastly, ensure that your landing page is easy to navigate, user-friendly, and attractive.

Step 7: Identify and Avoid Negative Keywords

Once you’ve set up and launched your PPC strategy, you’ll need to refine it consistently to enjoy good results. That means being aware of negative keywords, which demonstrate high impressions but low click-through rates. Tagging these as negative keywords means that your ad won’t display when people search that keyword, allowing you to focus your budget on better-performing keywords that have a higher chance of converting users. That way, you’ll also improve your Quality Score and enjoy better leads.

Step 8: Measure and Report Your Activities

To assess the effectiveness of your campaign, you’ll have to allow your campaigns to produce enough data before you start adjusting them. That means you’ll have to measure and report your activities to track your progress and monitor your campaigns’ performance. Some of the reports that Google Ads can give you include Auction Insights, Campaign Performance, Search Terms, and Ad Performance. 


Creating a PPC strategy can be overwhelming and exciting, but following our guide will give you insight into the aspects you should prioritize to meet your goals. In time, you’ll have high-performing paid ads that bring you more revenue and website traffic than ever before!

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