Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads—3 Reasons It’s Important For Your Law Firm

Digital marketing agencies have become an integral addition for many law firms looking to get more inquiries and grow their practice. While smaller firms and some more traditional companies prefer using their own in-house resources and experts, the tools and strategies that digital marketing agencies are definitely on a different caliber.

One of the most effective digital marketing strategies that reputable digital marketing agencies employ is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. PPC utilizes a bidding method for search page spots associated with certain keywords. Many individual practices think this to be a major expense that may not pay off, but PPC is a tried and tested method that can work wonders—if used effectively, of course.

Here are three of the biggest reasons your law firm should be looking into PPC advertising:

It allows for easy tracking of performance

One of the most effective ways to integrate PPC into your digital marketing campaign is to use it to track the performance of your keywords. Compared to more traditional methods of advertisement which take time to see the results of your campaign, PPC results are practically instantaneous. PPC utilizes its own metrics that allow you to see how much you have spent and the leads generated by a certain keyphrase.

Combining this active data tracker with the efficiency of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist can help boost your firm’s site in the long run. By utilizing high-performing keywords, you can rank higher with your business website, eventually offsetting the need for PPC.

It can be used for live adjustments

Apart from the active tracking of your keywords, you can actually make adjustments with your PPC keyword bids in real-time. This allows you to save some money with certain keywords and actually spend it on something more worth your efforts. With the help of a digital marketing agency, you can fine-tune your PPC for the best results possible.

While SEO adjustments can take months or even years of waiting for results, adjustments in the PPC bidding can result in almost instantaneous changes to your website’s visitation statistics. For smaller firms in a highly competitive region, this allows you to become relevant and reach the front pages, even if it’s only for a short time-span.

It can be utilized to shift priority keywords

An amazing use for PPC advertising is that you can tweak it to help boost certain keywords. While certain general and extremely common key phrases can be quite saturated and expensive, you can shift your bids to a keyword that other competitors may not be utilizing as much. Location-based keywords, in particular, are important for law firms because clients are typically looking for attorneys in their area. It may seem counterintuitive to target specific keywords with a lower search volume, but while you may not be getting as many clicks, the ones that do click through will be of higher quality and more likely to convert. Moreover, you’ll dramatically rise through the ranks much more quickly!


Utilizing PPC advertising is an incredibly rewarding strategy for many law firms. While this can be an expense for most, fine-tuning your bids can make it an incredible investment in the long run. With constant attention, your PPC can be the biggest tool to help you increase web traffic, so don’t wave it away due to its seemingly expensive cost.

Your PPC ads, however, are only as good as how you manage it. If you don’t know how or are lacking the experience in using PPC ads, then hiring a digital marketing agency is your best bet.

Get in touch with us now if you’re looking for expert digital marketers to help with your law firm’s PPC campaign. We provide all-around digital marketing services at reasonable prices. Our professional team in New York will assist you in building your success online!

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