PPC Marketing Campaigns for Law Firms


APRIL, 2020

Law Firm PPC
Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Google Adwords for Lawyers

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Pay-per-click advertising (PPC ads) is a digital marketing strategy to drive traffic to a website or landing page. The advertiser pays for each time the ad is clicked. Search engines display your service or product at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) when someone searches a keyword relevant to your ads. 

Law firms are likely not experts in the digital marketing field, however, and creating PPC campaigns can get overwhelming. In this article, you’ll find a quick guide on PPC campaigns to boost your online presence. You can also consult with a digital marketing agency, which can help you.

The Best and Worst Areas of Law for PPC

  • Steer Away from These 

There are certain limitations to the power of PPC advertising. Potential clients are more likely to consider recommendations from family and friends than a random ad on search engines for any legal services involved in particular areas of the law. These include, but not limited to, real estate, security, international law, business litigation, employment law, or high net worth estate planning.

Although it’s hard and not entirely impossible, you can ask help from a Google ads expert or other pay-per-click advertising agency with particular expertise in your specialization to help you.

  • Excellent Choices for PPC

PPC is useful in areas of law, such as bankruptcy, criminal charges, personal injury, DUI or DWI, or employment concerns. These areas of law have embedded social stigma, which makes potential clients embarrassed to share with family and friends. In doing so, you have higher chances of landing a client in these areas because searchers are more likely to click your ad.

Targeted Potential Clients Equals Effective PPC Strategy

The secret to a successful PPC campaign is to target audiences interested in your area of expertise. Most law firms specialize in one area of law, so targeting all areas would significantly lower your ROI. As such, it is vital to remove irrelevant keywords other than your area of specialty.

Law firms specializing in business-related problems should input negative keywords like “divorce lawyers” or “real estate lawyers,” since those are entirely unrelated keywords for their specialty. It is also best if you limit your targeted audience based on locations. Choose hyper-targeted searches for your local area, city, or town, as people here are more likely to be your clients compared to those who live thousands of miles away.

You can also touch on the emotions of potential clients through your ads. Ads need to catch their attention at a single glance by offering something they overtly need. As such, you can show the number of cases you won in your area of interest or your proudest win, which can trigger a client’s emotional response and say, “I think they can help.”

Additionally, people are more likely to respond if they think your costs are affordable. You can add terms like “discounted fees” or “free consultations’’ on your ads to encourage clients to jump on board with your services.

You can also target long-tail keywords, which are scientifically proven to be effective strategies in a successful PPC campaign. Long-tail keywords are also cheaper compared to shorter ones. Most of the time, short-tail keywords reach up to thousands of dollars per month of PPC bids. So, it is best to consider that on your next campaign.

If you are having trouble with your PPC campaign, you can always consult with our PPC management experts to give more time to focus on your business growth instead of marketing. Get in touch with us today, we’re a reliable PPC agency in New York capable of transforming your PPC campaign into greater heights.

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