Stop Making These 3 Errors in Your PPC Ad Campaigns

Marketing professionals are highly skilled at what they do. However, like everyone else, they make mistakes too. If you work for a digital marketing agency, it’s crucial to recognize errors so you can prevent yourself from committing the same errors. Here are some common mistakes to watch out for during a PPC ad campaign.

Not targeting and bidding properly

The right target audience for a previous campaign might not be the best fit for your current one. A vital part of a PPC strategy is specificity about your campaign’s audience. Just because you had the best fit previously doesn’t mean future results will be the same.

Plan out your targeting and check if you’re optimizing your audience. Don’t put in values and let your ads work in the background; monitor your campaign to see if the initial results progress.

Not using the right keywords

Many PPC specialists discover new opportunities to create content through keywords. However, not all of them evaluate their keyword strategy. For instance, focusing on broad keywords is expensive, since you have a lot of competition for these. Target long-tail keywords instead, so you can improve your results.

Don’t forget about negative keywords as well; they can affect your campaign results. Google ads specialists would tell you to include lists of negative keywords as part of your strategy—filter out words and phrases you don’t need to target for your ad so you can avoid the clicks that don’t turn into leads.

Finally, target your branded keywords. When competitors bid on your keywords—company name, catchphrase, or other terms associated with your brand—you might miss out on reaching prospects who are genuinely interested in learning more about you.

Not being clear with your messaging

Make your landing page an extension of your PPC ads. Your brand, the messaging, and the KPIs must be aligned from the advertisement to the landing page, so viewers have a smooth experience.

For instance, it won’t make sense to create a PPC campaign to generate sales but not have quick shopping options on the landing page. In a similar vein, targeting a younger demographic means making sure your landing page can work across devices.

You should not write your PPC ads for tricking people into clicking something that is not suited to their interests. Create sequences to bring value—it’s the only way for you to have sustainable growth from your online materials. 

When you set up a landing page, make sure that the copy, images, and style reflect your related PPC ads. Landing pages should guide your visitors in reaching their goals, so having a well-integrated UX is necessary, especially when transitioning people through various parts of your campaign.


Avoid common PPC mistakes by optimizing your strategy to the target audience’s needs. Do not assume anything about your target market; pay attention to your goals, adjust the audience, and apply these nuances to your bidding and copy. Preparing and understanding your PPC strategy and adjusting it based on the circumstances is the best way to ensure success.

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