The Ways SMS Automation Can Boost Your Business Performance


JULY, 2022

SMS Automation
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The way businesses engage with their clients is changing due to SMS automation. SMS automation is one of the most helpful marketing automation solutions that may improve your message strategy and do away with tedious lead generation duties.

Although many businesses use automated texts to deliver order confirmations and one-time passwords, there is a better way to use SMS automation. It can be helpful in marketing campaigns, lead nurturing, subscriber engagement programs, and customer service.

Receiving an SMS with a unique offer, exceptional bargain, time-sensitive notification, and other messages also has considerable value.

This article will run you through everything you should know about SMS automation.

Understanding SMS Automation

SMS automation refers to the automated sending of text messages or SMS in response to events set off by clients or companies. It often works by utilizing specific time-saving techniques and equipment.

It is simple to improve processes and workflow, increase renewal and retention rates, produce more qualified leads, strengthen customer relationships, reduce operational costs, obtain accurate data and feedback, and increase overall revenue for your company by using the correct SMS software.

Setting up for SMS Automation

Automated SMS typically has a high open rate for practically all forms of communication. Additionally, most customers like to get proper SMS, especially from their favorite companies, brands, and organizations, since they value these messages highly.

          • Setting up Keywords: For a wide range of automated activities, such as forwarding to the mobile, confirming contributions, forwarding to email, sending SMS with programmed answers, adding contacts to the list, and many more, you must set up the SMS keywords for your clients. These keywords serve as the trigger.
          • Automate Your Lead Generation: Launching any prizes or offers requires including the consumers’ text into the keyword. It assists in rewarding the client and adds their mobile number to the list. Additionally, it may automate replies with specific directions on how to take advantage of your offer or enter a contest. This facilitates simple input and eliminates false entries.

          • Chatbots for Customer Support: Use a simple SMS keyword experience that provides automatic answers to automate customer care tasks. Use chatbots to quickly respond to any commonly asked inquiries from your clients to accomplish this. Typically, auto-replies contain information about your store’s address, hours, and many other things.

          • Segregate Your Customer Lists: Depending on the consumer’s gender, interest, age, region, and other demographic indicators, employ different customer lists to target the customer base. It assists in providing the most precise messaging to draw your clients’ attention.

            Ways to Automate SMS

            Automated SMS may be sent in various ways, including notifications, updates, newsletters, offers, and more. Here is a list of required SMS automation methods you should ask your marketing automation companies for.
          • Welcome messages that engage customers right after registration
          • Reminders and alerts for reservations, appointments, renewals, bookings, offers, etc.
          • Notifications and updates for purchase confirmations, delivery notifications, offers expiry, payment failures, etc.
          • Newsletters and offers for events such as anniversaries, birthdays, etc.
          • Asking for reviews or feedback after delivery or purchase
          • Referral requests to help you get more leads


            SMS automation is the next big thing among many businesses, and it not only boosts your growth but also impacts your sales and revenue. You may improve your business by following the above guidelines and keeping your customers engaged and happy.

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Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions in this regard, we’ll be happy to assist further!

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