Why Automation for Marketing is the Future of Your Business

Automation can be a double-edged sword when applied to different aspects of a business. For marketing, the benefits of automation far outweigh any disadvantages! Manual tasks can be made more efficient, including email marketing, lead tracking and nurturing, and measuring business content’s value and impact. Besides replacing manual tasks, automation also makes way for some very useful features, such as enhancing the overall customer experience and capturing lead intelligence.

The tools and systems for automating digital marketing processes have really changed the game when it comes to content campaigns in particular. Data-driven insights and KPIs allow business owners to create more effective content strategies and clearer positive ROI indicators.

What does a tech-driven content campaign look like?

The first step in determining what automation is appropriate for a content campaign is defining the business goal so you can identify which performance indicators should be prioritized. For instance, a business or an organization might have objectives of adding new leads to a sales pipeline and segmenting existing leads to find engagement opportunities.

The content strategy should work to provide something compelling and value-adding to audiences while the business team, and any digital marketing agency they’ve partnered with, automates procedures to create and adjust a campaign based on performance.

Here are some examples of how automation can streamline your process and strategy.

  • Make a landing page

Landing pages are also known as lead generation pages because it is through these that you can showcase content and capture the wanted contact information from potential leads. In this regard, an automated lead form works with your CRM system to populate and update contact records.

  • Use context-driven content on your website

Amazon and other e-commerce platforms customize the content and products they recommend to you based on your behavior while on the site. You can do the same with your business website by using the right marketing solutions to create a more customized user experience.

For instance, pay per click advertising companies can help your brand take advantage of personalized ad placements.

  • Contact prioritization and segmentation

Segmenting means creating a new list based on predetermined criteria. You can generate segments for new leads or leads that tend to score higher, which you can label “hot leads.” This will allow you to look at your lead performance and see where it needs improvement and for which segments it’s doing well.

  • Automating an email workflow

Not only will automated email marketing save you that much more time and effort in sending out emails to your contact lists, but it will also give you the option to personalize what you send out.

It’s an efficient way to keep your contacts engaged as you nurture them through the marketing funnel and a good chance to promote relevant content. For instance, anybody who downloaded an e-book or a primer from you can be sent valuable content related to the content that they downloaded.

  • Scheduled shares on social media

Scheduling content that’s designed for different social media platforms is a tiring process when done manually. Marketing automation can help you schedule such updates and posts to promote your content in a snap.


Automation is the future of content marketing. As business owners try to gain better insights into consumer behavior that is becoming as complex as the e-commerce landscape, the more they need the right tools and strategies to navigate it. To automate is to give your business and yourself the power to know what value you can deliver to your customers. And more importantly, automation will give you a platform to bring that value back to you in the form of ROI!

Automating some of your business’ marketing processes can’t be done without the right kind of help. Here at Discover My Business, we are a full-service digital marketing agency that provides PPC, web design, marketing automation, and video production services. To learn more about what we can do for your business, visit our website today!


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