3 PPC Advertising Tips to Enhance Your Law Firm’s Website


APRIL, 2020

Law Firm Advertising
SEO Optimization
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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has become a highly effective tool for digital marketing for quite some time. Although generally costly, PPC ads grant a particular edge over your competitors—possibly off-setting the expense of using this strategy in the first place.

PPC ads work through a bidding process—by bidding on keywords, your website is more likely to show higher on search results, thereby increasing your web traffic. This comes handy for law firm websites, in particular, as the general search terms are usually on the same page. While highly effective and straightforward in theory, however, its application and real-time use are a bit more complicated.

Its efficacy is only as good as your follow-through and monitoring, which is why the expertise of a digital marketing agency can come in quite handy. Here are three PPC advertising tips that can help you utilize it to the fullest for your law firm’s website.

Optimize Your Keyword Usage

It’s a relatively simple process to use keywords, but using the appropriate keywords to achieve the maximum results takes practice. The beauty of PPC advertising lies in its ability to track keyword performance. Utilize keywords that have higher search volumes and adjust your content as necessary to receive the full effects fo your paid tools.

While high-ranking keywords are a definite bonus, it would also do you good to pay attention to the competing law firm websites as well. Certain highly searched keywords may have numerous competitors involved with it as well, while certain other low-search keywords may prove you to have less competition. For law firms with multiple specialties and very specific jargon, finding out the specifics of what your clients are searching for will prove useful.

Don’t forget to Geo-tag For Stronger Local SEO

Your law firm’s business is more commonly restrained according to your location, so ensuring that your SEO is optimized locally will do you a lot of good. While your goal is to gain recognition for your business, your website visitors may be turned off if they find out that you’re a five-hour drive away. Also, this is a sure-fire way to generate excess expenditures due to the hefty cost-per-click of your PPC ads.

Add the other states and locations you don’t cater to into your negative keyword list for added effect. It might also be a good idea to formulate a Google My Business (GMB) account as well, in order to prioritize you in your area. By utilizing these two factors in tandem, your local SEO should shoot up.

Optimize Landing Page Content

Make sure to set some time to fix the content in your landing pages. While your website should hold a plethora of information to increase the variety of your visitors, implementing cohesion is a must in order to develop your law firm’s website’s authority and expertise.

Ensure the proper keyword usage, connect those keywords to your titles, and make your pages easily navigable. By citing clear CTAs and providing short, direct-to-the-point content, your visitors are more inclined to patronize you after getting to your landing page.


Utilizing PPC advertising as a digital marketing strategy for your law firm’s website is a great way to cut down the competition by a huge margin. Due to the highly competitive online market of law firms and attorneys, taking on all advantages you can get is a necessity.

If your law firm is lacking the experience in using PPC ads, then hiring a digital marketing agency is your best bet to stay ahead of the competition. Get in touch with us now and let our PPC management experts in New York help your business to the top.

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