Boosting Your Email Marketing Using an Email Automation Workflow

Email marketing plays a pivotal role in building high-quality leads and engaging your customers using a more personalized channel. When done right, email can be a strong glue that binds your communication strategy together, giving your inbound marketing channel a significant boost in the long run. 

Unfortunately, blasting out emails every time you release a newsletter or welcome a recently subscribed customer takes plenty of effort. It can eat up precious hours of your marketing team’s day, but thankfully, the rise of email automation bridges the gap by streamlining your workflow. 

What Makes Email Automation Different, Better, and More Beneficial For Your Business?

Benefit #1: Get in Touch with Hot Leads Before They Grow Cold

Time is of the essence when it comes to hooking curious onlookers, but it’s easy to lose new leads when your sales team doesn’t come into contact with them as soon as they show interest. It’s challenging for anyone to stay on top of your incoming leads, but email automation allows you to instantly blast emails at the right time with a relevant context.

For example, not all customers who subscribe to your newsletter would appreciate engaging with your sales team. But with email automation, you can increase interest by immediately responding to their action and sharing helpful information regarding your offer. 

Benefit #2: Ramp Up Your Revenue 

Email marketing takes communication a step further than other channels since it sends focused promotions to your customers, but manually curating your list can be an arduous task. Automating your emails can help bridge the gap between your sales team and your audience’s short attention spans, giving your revenue a higher chance to convert customers. 

Benefit #3: Reduce Errors

Relying on a small team to fine-tune your emails leaves plenty of room for human error, but automating emails can iron out mistakes, particularly when addressing the names of your target audience. You no longer have to worry about misspelling your customers, which is one of the biggest cardinal sins in email marketing!

Benefit #4: Enrich Your Email Marketing Strategy

Not all email marketing campaigns involve newsletters. It’s a flexible communication channel that can engage your audience in unique ways — be it to greet their birthday, send a ‘thank you’ note, notify them of special offers, or even share compelling stories that are relevant to your brand. 

Automating your email makes it easier to manage a dynamic strategy and send multiple campaigns without keeping a constant watch on it every time. 

The Bottom Line: Email Automation Transforms Your Basic Communication Tactic Into a Marketing Force

Despite the advent of new marketing techniques dominating the digital sphere, email marketing remains a key pillar that holds every successful brand’s communication strategy as it strengthens your relationship with customers. 

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