Get Your Merchant Center Unsuspended

What can be the most important business tool for online sellers in today’s world? The answer- ‘Google Merchant Center account’. It allows their shops and products to be available for search on a Google property.

Coming in the form of online dashboard, it also accelerates the sales of online retailers by promoting their products online in shopping ad campaigns. 

The best part is, as Google maintains very strict enforcement mechanisms for ensuring accurate product information, customers also find these products reliable!!

Therefore, you need to abide by Google’s policies for preventing any account suspension. Otherwise, things may become bitter for you as violating policies can adversely affect your online business.

So ahead we’ll help you in getting merchant center account unsuspended in case you violate any policy. So, let’s dive in!!

How to get your merchant center account unsuspended?

Google maintains high-quality standards when it comes to its Merchant Center. That is why it is always advisable to go through its policies and guidelines before opening any Google Merchant Center account. 

Always ensure that you don’t have a bad refund policy for your products, unsecured URLs, prohibited content like counterfeit goods, dangerous products, and products enabling dishonest behavior, unsupported Shopping ads content, and other prohibited practices.

Generally, you will be provided with a warning period if Google finds any policy-violating issue in your account. Try fixing your account within that period for avoiding any account suspension. 

Even after maintaining your data feed and product line carefully in sync with these policies if you get your account suspended by Google, then you can do the following steps to get Merchant Center account unsuspended!!

  1. Review your account

Once you get an email from Google intimating you about your account suspension, search out for the policy-violating errors in your account. You can also hunt for the relevant information in a bunch of emails concerning account suspension. Review all your data feed errors in your account, and check what all violations have taken place!!

  1. Resolve all data feed and policy-violating errors in your account

After understanding what sort of violations have occurred in your account, ensure that you fix all data feed errors and policy-violating content, and make them in compliance with the policy.

Further, make sure that you have resolved all violations in your account to get the speedy review of your account from Google!!

  1. Submit your account for the review

Log in to your Merchant Center account, and go to “Products” on the navigation menu. Then, select the “Account Issues” tab, and click all issues which you would like to be reviewed. Once you have selected the relevant items, click “Request Review”. 

After this review is completed, you will receive an email notification about the status of your account within a week!!

Note: Even a small mistake from your end can trigger an account suspension, therefore try to settle the things off within the warning period itself. In any case, you lose your account temporarily, don’t worry you just need to follow the above steps and get back to business conveniently. Thanks for reading!!

In case you want further help our Google Partner Team can help you restore your Google Ads account and If you have any further questions regards to suspension due to Suspicious Payment Activity, you can contact our Google ads suspended team. 

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