Make the Most Out of Your PPC Campaigns By Following These Tips

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is one of the quickest ways to generate more leads for your business—but only if done the right way! Unfortunately, many advertisers waste the money they invested in online ads because of some very common mistakes. This then leads them to start thinking that PPC marketing is not the right method for them—but in reality, just a bit of tweaking on their process can help improve their performance.

A Guide to Unrestricted PPC Success

Here are the things to remember to ensure the success of your PPC efforts:

#1: Set Defined Goals

PPC involves setting up, managing, and measuring your ad campaigns. Without a specific goal in mind, the rest of the tasks will be challenging to do! Setting goals is probably the most important part of building a successful and effective campaign strategy. 

You can use PPC for many things: increasing the traffic to your site, generating leads, driving sales, or raising brand awareness. Clearly define which among these will be your primary goal and develop your plan based on it.

#2: Take Note of the Funnel

Most advertisers think they fail because they do not recognize the importance of understanding the marketing funnel. Just because many online users click your ad does not automatically guarantee that you will have the same rate for conversion! 

The funnel will remind you that every consumer is in their respective areas in the funnel. Some brands may need to establish more awareness first before their customers proceed to the familiarity stage, and then the purchase levels, while other brands may already become a preference among online consumers. Know where your brand and audience stand in the funnel and establish a plan accordingly!

#3: Always Track Your Progress

Another reason for the failure of some PPC efforts is not tracking the growth or conversion properly. Every goal you create should have a measure of success or a key performance indicator. Whether you aim for added awareness, engagement, or conversion, you must learn to define and track them—and that is how you would know if you are performing well. 

Knowing these factors can also help you identify the right budget for your project. 

#4: Know the Appropriate Budget

Another challenge advertisers face when creating their Pay Per Click ad is wasted budget. It will always be challenging to determine how much you would need to spend on a campaign; spending too much or too little cannot always guarantee success!

Start small and watch out for the opportunities that will encourage additional spending. If you see that the numbers are growing towards the KPIs and your goals, then you will know the right time to spend more!

#5: Always Set the Right Landing Pages

If you do not want your efforts to get wasted, make sure that everything about the campaign was well-thought-out—from the research to targeting, and up until the final landing page that will define what the clickers need to do next. 

When users click your ad, and your chosen landing page does not let you achieve your purpose, it becomes a missed opportunity. Always focus on your end goal and set the process to lead towards it!


PPC has been in the industry since 1996, and because of the ever-changing digital landscape, no advertiser has ever perfected it. However, there is a way that you can ensure that your efforts will pay off! If your goal is to craft a PPC ad that people will be compelled to click on, start by following the tips enumerated above.  

To make sure your investment will reap you benefits, consult with PPC management experts as soon as possible. Discover My Business is a pay per click advertising agency with a PPC strategy that can provide you with a 30 to 70 percent conversion rate. Contact us today so we can help you grow your business!


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