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MAY, 2022

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Google My Business is a valuable tool for advertisers, and its compatibility with pay-per-click ad campaigns is one of the reasons why businesses should embrace it. 

Having a Google My Business account linked to a Google Ads account does give the advertiser access to five services they wouldn’t have otherwise. Find out these game-changing features in the sections below.

Before starting, it would help to spell out the abbreviations used in this article for businesses new to the PPC game:

  • GMB—Google My Business
  • PPC—Pay-per-Click
  • SERP—Search Engine Results Page

All right, now we can continue!

You Can Utilize Its Location Extensions

Advertisers with a GMB listing can employ location extensions, which are addresses that display in-text advertising. The address allows the user to determine the location of the business and gives the ad an extra line of space on the SERP. 

And linking a GMB account to a Google Ads account is the only method to set up a location extension.

Your Ads Can Run a Local Pack

Another advantage of having a GMB account when operating a PPC campaign is that ads are qualified to run in the Local Pack. 

Google displays up to three items below the map between the paid and organic results. When using a GMB account to run a marketing campaign, a bought listing can appear above the other three organic unpaid listings. 

As the text ad is qualified to run on the same results page as the GMB information, this provides a second paid opportunity on the SERP, expanding your advertising exposure.

You Can Launch Local Campaigns

The ability to run local campaigns in Google Ads is the third benefit of GMB listings for advertisers. By measuring shop visits, phone clicks, and direction clicks, local campaigns use machine learning to promote offline company goals and optimize in-store value. 

Google offers these ads across Search, Google Maps, the Google Display Network, and YouTube with just a few lines of text, some graphics, and a budget.

Its Customer Reviews Feature Is Very Useful

Another useful feature of GMB is the ability to gather online client reviews, which can be incorporated as an extension and displayed alongside your ad.

It’s critical to monitor GMB reviews and ensure that customer satisfaction remains high. This helps you assess the effectiveness of your campaigns and make adjustments when necessary.

You Can Utilize It for Keyword Research

The final advantage of having a Google My Business account is that it may be utilized to find new sponsored search terms. A list of search phrases that triggered the GMB listing to show in the results may be seen under Insights, which is now moving to Profile Performance. 

Although not all of these keywords are suitable for use in a PPC campaign, there may be a few gems that can be added to your marketing mix.


A Google My Business presence might help a PPC campaign reach new heights. To get the most out of GMB, make sure the listing is created, connected, and optimized. 

Remember to ask for GMB reviews frequently and to respond to those evaluations as well. Your next big sale could be just around the corner on GMB.

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Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions in this regard, we’ll be happy to assist further!

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