Why You Need Branded PPC Campaigns

Following the same format as generic pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, branded PPC campaigns use keywords including your business’ name or other brand elements. 

It may not seem like a significant modification to a strategy that already helps your chosen terms rank high on search engine results pages, but branded PPC campaigns have several advantages that can help your business. Apart from better control, it allows entrepreneurs to gain exposure to the right audience and connect with potential customers and clients. 

Here’s how a well-executed branded PPC campaign, with the help of an online marketing agency, can be an advantage for your business.

Stand Out on Results Pages

Sure, using the right keywords will help you rank high—but your other competitors are doing the same thing as well! It becomes much easier to intercept potential clients once your branded keywords are targeted and outranked. 

Running a branded PPC campaign will allow you to control the SERP related to your branded keywords fully. You can feature PPC ads to ensure customers choose your brand, and you’ll also appear at the top of natural listings!

Optimize Conversions

Digital marketing companies understand that businesses will naturally want to aim for the highest conversion rates possible, so crafting your strategy will usually entail optimizing conversions. PPC campaigns provide entrepreneurs with more control over the conversion process since it drives users to landing pages or specific actions, which is far more useful for turning website visitors into customers. 

By using branded keywords to attract customers who are already in the sales cycle, you can push their purchase decisions forward. Your PPC campaign can bring them to landing pages where they can easily take action and are converted into the next stage of the buyer’s journey. 

Custom Messaging

Getting your message across to your target audience is imperative to gain new customers, but it can be challenging—especially with Google’s organic listings that decides what information is relevant to show customers, whether that’s content you want to feature or not. 

By creating your own messaging using a branded PPC campaign, you can feature anything you feel is most important to your brand. This can put the right messaging back in your search listings and attract more potential customers to your business website. 

Simple A/B testing methods will allow you to see which PPC campaigns resonate most with your audience so you can further fine-tune your strategy to attract the most customers. 

Promote Your Products and Services

Promoting your new products and services is a continuous process to ensure business growth. Branded PPC campaigns can help attract your customers to these new products and services specifically! 

Since customers using branded keywords to find your business are already familiar with your business, you can target them as the best candidates to market your new products or services to. Getting your newest offerings in front of your target audience soon after exposure to your brand can help you get ahead of search engines that may take a while to organically rank your content. 


Depending on your goals and strategies, working with a pay per click advertising agency to develop branded PPC campaigns may be the best approach for you. For most, it can provide dramatic returns to a business—but understanding who you’re trying to attract and what you’d like them to accomplish is key in such an effort! 

A goal-oriented mindset is ideal for branded PPC to be the most effective, especially for business owners who aren’t afraid to get creative while performing efficiently. This approach will allow you to attract the right audience, convert them to customers, and steadily grow your business. 

At Discover My Business, we provide PPC, web design, marketing automation, and video production services. If your business needs a digital marketing agency to generate qualified leads and get real results, then contact us for a free consultation today!

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