3 Common PPC Mistakes You Should Avoid to Ensure Success

When it comes to pay-per-click advertising, many companies have hopes that it will drive up their online reach. Unfortunately, mistakes are far and wide, and PPC-related errors can easily cause any PPC effort to succumb to failure. As such, if you are looking to implement PPC advertising into your business, it pays to know what these mistakes are so that you can avoid them.

Here are the common PPC mistakes you should avoid to ensure your efforts are successful:

1. Starting without a Goal

Starting any campaign without a clear goal is a mistake. This is because a goal is what will dictate your efforts, and in this case, your PPC efforts should be directed at achieving a goal. For example, a possible goal for PPC is to boost the click-through rates for a specific page. Without that goal, the PPC advertisements may end up doing everything else but boost click-through rates for the pages you want.

Really, before you start your PPC advertising efforts, have a goal set. This will help you create the right strategy and map out the user’s journey to bring in the results you want.

2. Not Knowing Who to Target

With any campaigns you run, you need to have a target that the campaign will focus on. Without a target, you will not know who to advertise to. If you don’t know who to advertise to, your efforts will be all for nothing.

Just as you would set a goal for your PPC advertising efforts before starting, you will also need to know who you want to target. To add to that, you also want to learn more about them, such as their purchasing habits, the common queries they make to find you, what motivates them to buy, and more. If you are going to geo-target as well, then make sure it is relevant to your audience. For example, if your audience is in the US, then limit your target to the US. This way, you save money and also focus your efforts on the audience that matters.

3. Avoiding Other Search Engines

Sure, Google may be your number one pick to focus your PPC ads on. After all, it is the most popular search engine in the world, and chances are, your audience will be there too. However, this isn’t to say that other search engines like Bing will be totally useless. In fact, Bing still has a respectable share of the market.

For that reason, if you truly want to maximize your PPC efforts, don’t forget about the other platforms. Search engines like Bing not only promise more people to target, but they also give you access to Yahoo Ad and AOL networks that can help you grow your business.


If you plan to start investing in PPC advertisements, be wary of the mistakes we’ve shared above. They can easily turn your effort into nothing more than a waste, leaving you wondering why you even started with PPC in the first place. That being said, if you need help ensuring your PPC efforts are done right, feel free to reach out to a digital marketing agency to assist you. With their expertise in PPC, you can rest easy knowing that your PPC advertising efforts are made right, that they are helping you achieve the goals you’ve set and grow your business.

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