3 PPC Mistakes You Must Be Wary of in Your PPC Campaigns

If anything can kill your hopes and dreams of achieving your goals, it will be the mistakes you make along the way. Now, we’re not saying if you make a mistake, that’s the end of that. Mistakes sometimes are a necessary evil to help you learn from them and improve on yourself. Unfortunately, there are just some mistakes that can stop you right in your tracks.

This can be said about PPC, where mistakes can easily result in wasted time, money, and effort. As such, avoiding these mistakes will not only help to save money and time, but it can also help the company reach the goals they’ve set for PPC.

That said, we want to share with you common PPC mistakes other people make that you should avoid at all costs:

Mistake 1. Avoiding Negative Keywords

Negative keywords aren’t what you think they are. They aren’t bad in a way that will ruin your ranking. However, they’re quite crucial to your original set of keywords, more so by excluding keywords that are not relevant to you.

Let’s say you’re an accounting agency, and you bid on the term “accounting.” However, a user types in “accounting software.” Now, you’re not offering accounting software. As such, your negative keyword would be “software,” and anyone else looking up for anything software-related won’t end up on your digital doorsteps and be disappointed.

Mistake 2. Not Properly Setting Up Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the most critical factors to get right in any PPC campaign. Unfortunately, they tend to get the backseat in most PPC efforts. Common mistakes include adding too many distractions, not identifying the landing page’s purpose, not tracking activities, not utilizing A/B tests, and the like.

What do all these mistakes lead to? It leads to a landing page that barely produces any results for you, let alone offer value. As such, you must spend a considerable amount of time properly creating landing pages. After all, they’re the page customers get sent to when clicking on a PPC ad, and you’d want to make sure customers enjoy an excellent first impression.

Mistake 3. Forgetting to Use Exact-Match Keywords

Apart from remembering to include negative keywords into your list, you must also implement what is known as exact-match keywords. These keywords, although quite restrictive in the beginning, have seen a slight change from Google. Now, even when utilizing exact-match keywords, the ads can still be brought to light if the search contains various forms of your keyword.

With that pointed out, the main benefit of exact-match keywords isn’t the fact that it now takes synonyms and plurals into account. Instead, it ensures that you get the nearest-to-exact match of the search to your ads. This ensures that people who do click on your ad are interested in the first place, giving you good opportunities to convert, make sales, and more.


Are you making any of the above mistakes? If so, correct them right away. They won’t do anything to improve your PPC advertising efforts, and they will only result in wasted time and effort. As such, if you are just about to implement PPC into your advertising efforts or already have started, be wary of these mistakes. That way, you don’t have to end up with a campaign that doesn’t give back to you. Instead, you will have a PPC campaign you can rely on to boost your online reach and bring quality leads within your grasp.

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